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Dell S1909WXf monitor goes black at times

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A interesting problem has come up with a Dell S1909WXf monitor. I keep my PC on but have it set to put monitor to sleep. When I woke it recently the monitor came on for a second then the monitor went black because the backlight turned off. I could see the Windows screen barely but it was there. I then tried turning the monitor off and on and even re booted the PC. Both of which did nothing to stop the monitor's backlight from going off after a couple seconds. I then dis connected the DVI cable to the PC and tried to see if it was a video card issue or a monitor issue. Apparently it is a monitor issue because the monitor did the same thing it did when connected to my PC. Funny thing is after messing around trying to go through some of its self tests the monitor all of sudden began to work properly again. I see where some other monitors through a search have had similar issues but nobody seems to know if its a inverter issues, a motherboard issue in the monitor or something else. I guess considering the cost of a monitor these days. Should I just chalk it up to a failing monitor and buy another or try and fix it? Considering I have had it 4 years not sure what the lifespan is? I thought a LCD would last longer? It still has a bright picture quality and have been very happy with it.

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