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Dell U2312HM Monitor - specific information about USB


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Dell U2312HM Monitor - specific information about USB

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I got this new Monitor 'Dell U2312HM Monitor'

I connected it via USB with my Computer. It is recognized as an USB hub.

I can plug 4 usb devices into this Display.

I know, that these 4 devices have a total maximum speed of 480mbit/s (via this 1 connection to my computer).

But how about usb power supply? Do these 4 devices are just capable of the maximum usb power of 1 connection (this one from PC) or will my Monitor work as somekind of an extended power supply?

example: 1 USB port is maybe capable of 1 usb HDD.  But is this Display possible to power up to 4 USB HDDs? with a lower transfer speed of course.


German: Falls einer Deutsch kann: Dient der Bildschirm als zusätzliche Stromquelle für 4 USB-Geräte oder teilen sich diese den Strom, welcher über die 1 Verbindung vom Computer kommt?

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  • In theory the monitor can act as a powered USB hub but it not designed to "power" USB HDDs. It might work for one or two, but I doubt four. My advice is to use the computers USB ports.

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