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I've tried several remedies found on google, etc.. and nothing seems to make a difference. I've held down several keys at a time and everything mentioned in the manual and support forums online and still unable to get to my menu. HDMI port works great with my xbox 360 but my DVI connection for my PC has a red hue picture and I need to access the menu to adjust. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • * Leave the computer on
    * Switch the monitor off
    * Disconnect all cabling from the monitor (power, audio, USB, HDMI, DVI, VGA)
    * Press and hold the SX2210T power button in for 5 seconds
    * Reconnect the SX2210T power cord
    * Reconnect the DVI cable to the SX2210T and the computer
    * Power on the SX2210T
    * Press the Menu button. Does the OSD (On Screen Display) appear?

  • Negative. Followed steps and starting flashing different colors on the screen and once I pressed the menu button displayed the lock sign again. Help!

  • Did this issue occur out of the blue? Or were you in the OSD making changes and then the lock appeared? It sounds like you or someone was in the Dell confidential Factory Menu and made changes?

  • Yes just started happening after turning the monitor back on and following your steps. I still have not been able to access the OSD... this happened after moving my monitor from different locations in my home.

  • Get the monitor exchanged. Only the 27" and 30" monitors have a Service Tag number. All other monitors would use the Dell order number found on the original Dell invoice. Since you only have a Dell order number for your monitor, you should contact Order Support for your country. If you purchased the monitor bundled with a Dell PC, contact Technical Support for your country and use the Service Tag number from the bundled Dell PC. They will need the following
    data -
    Email Address:
    Shipping Address:
    Phone Number:
    Monitor Order number:
    PC Service Tag number if bundled:
    Monitor 20 digit PPID number: