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Enable ST2220T touch with Win 7 Home premium laptop


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Enable ST2220T touch with Win 7 Home premium laptop

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Some time ago I noticed the Tablet functionality when exploring my laptop, Dell Studio XPS 13.  I just purchased the ST2220T Touch display thinking that I could enable the touch functionality as an extended display.  I confirmed that my Windows 7 OS, Home Premium was capable.  Now with monitor connected I cannot figure out how to get it working.  When viewing the System details, it does say Pen and Tablet not enabled.  I can't find the Tablet in the System Control Panel anymore.  It's check as an installed feature from the Windows Programs area in Control Panel.  Still after installing drivers, switching to extended and such, I still can't seem to figure out if it's compatible and working. 

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  • wow that was too easy.  I'm embarrased.  That was all it was.

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  • Did you connect the USB up stream cable from the monitor to a USB port on the laptop?

  • wow that was too easy.  I'm embarrased.  That was all it was.

  • Can you tell me how are you setup  ?

    How can you connect XPS 13 to ST2220T since there is no VGA output from the XPS13 ?

    I bough ST2220T but I can't make it work...



  • You have to install the drivers, Hook up the usb cable then the video cable.

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