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Dell U3011 does not wake up after the DisplayPort input goes into sleep mode


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Dell U3011 does not wake up after the DisplayPort input goes into sleep mode

  • Hello All,

    Thanks for the variety of suggestions here. I'll add my story to the pile, as this is without a doubt a monitor issue....

    I use thinkpads, as you may have guessed :-). My config is as follows...

    Thinkpad, W520, docked to a Lenovo Minidock, series 3. Using the DP.

    Worked for a couple weeks, no problem... Swapping between T520 and W520 on the docking station.

    Tonight, I settle in for some work, and can't get it to wake. neither the W520 or the T520 can detect the monitor (first clue). I connect the DP directly to the laptops, no dice. Use a new cable, no dice. Call Dell support, No dice (it's, of course my other HW...).

    Connect a W500 to the monitor, I get the message indicating a link error. Back to T520 and W520, nope.

    Connect using DVI from Dock, works fine.

    Back to DP, no Dice, with any of them...

    Power cycled the monitor MANY TIMES in there, always, no dice... same unable to detect.

    PULLED THE POWER CORD... Waited, no more than 5-10 seconds, and plugged it back in.


    (all of those other attempts had the monitor continuously plugged in, even though I did power cycle the monitor with the power switch).

    So, as  cosmicsurfer noted above, the difference is interrupting power to the monitor itself. Not power cycling it with the power switch, but actually UNPLUGGING it.

    It would be very educational to learn if others managed to have all else fail, and then unplug the monitor and have it start working again. If we can get a few more people to duplicate this behavior, we might be able to get Dell to reproduce it and provide a fix.

    OTOH, they might already know, and not want to spend the $$ to fix/replace all of the potentially defective monitors out there. My monitor is BRAND NEW, and manufactured in Dec 2011, and is Rev A05.

  • All,

    Send me a Private Message (click my username, click Send Message) with the following so I can compile the data for engineering -
    U3011 Service Tag number:
    U3011 Order number:
    U3011 Revision:
    Country of purchase:
    DP to DP cable?
    miniDP to DP cable?
    apple miniDP to DP cable?

    1. Does the DP issue appear when the PC is put into some sleep mode and then the PC is awakened? (Y/N)
    2. Does the DP issue appear when the PC is NOT in sleep mode but the operating system has told the U3011 to go into sleep mode and you try to wake the U3011 up? (Y/N)
    3. Does doing the following always allow the monitor to work when using DP? (Y/N)
    Run all of these steps below in sequence before turning the monitor back on -
    * Turn off DDC/CI in the U3011 OSD (On Screen Display)
    * Unplug the power cord from the rear of the U3011 and then press and hold the U3011 power button in for 5 seconds
    * Unplug and replug the DP cable from the turned on computer
    * Plug the power cord back into the U3011
    * Turn the U3011 on

  • Alright, I have gone ahead and sent you a PM on my details.

  • chris,

    I took the liberty of shooting you the details on my monitor/setup too.  Thanks for keeping thread alive

  • One last I mentioned monitor went black while I was emailing you and I unplugged it...attempted to plug into laptop directly ...nothing...and then I plugged it back into the original DP port on the dockstation and it's working again for now.

    Hope this new bit of detail helps.

  • We have the exact same issue with our HP Elitebook 2560p's. Every single one of them had a problem where they wont signal the monitor to turn on after the monitor have automatically gone into standby mode due to inactivity. The computer itself isn't in sleep/hibernation, only the monitor is in standby mode. This symptom is only present when the monitor is running on a displayport cable. When on a VGA cable there is no problem.

    As a workaround the users also in some cases have to turn off monitor and then back on again, or undock the computer and redock it again.


  • Good to hear, but those release notes for that HP fix there doesnt show any information about the monitor problem you just discussed and what we are having here.  Unless they put it part of some other fix and didnt explain it in the release notes.  I read all the notes and only the first one talks about a keyboard shortcut fix with multiple monitors.


  • Hi, we tried the HP patch on our Dell E6420 with the same setup described earlier in this posting.  The patch did not change the failure of the U3011 monitor to return from sleep mode with our docking station+display port config.  

    On a side note, we found something that might help some members.  We set the laptop sleep mode to 25min and the monitor sleep mode to 30min (it took some back and fort with the two drop downs to get the laptop sleep mode less than the monitor sleep mode).  When the laptop returns from sleep the monitor would wake up just fine.  For a few days we were confident to have found a workaround and were ready to post an update to this forum.  However, we noticed that having our laptops in sleep mode prevented the midnight disk image/backup from running.  The lack of backups is a showstopper for us so we returned to the previous settings of monitor sleep: 30min, laptop sleep: never.  Well we hope this helps!

  • I posted too soon. After installing the HP patch the test computer was fine for over a day. This is longer than we've ever seen. Normally it never manages to get the screen out of standby mode. Edited my post and removed the non-working HP fix.

  • This is my first Dell community post.  I just received a new Dell U3011 monitor yesterday (Rev. A07, Mfr April 2012).  Connected it to my new PC build (Asus Maximus V Gene, i5-3750k, Windows 7 Home) via the DisplayPort iGPU output.  I ran through several hours of testing and general use yesterday confirming all was okay.  But, this morning when I started up my computer, the Dell U3011 would not come out of standby mode, showing signs of the sleep/standby issues discussed by others in this forum.  The U3011 did work okay for other ports (VGA connected to older Dell 4600i computer, and HDMI connected to a DTPal DVR.)  After about a half hour of trying to correct the problem using various suggestions offered in this forum, I finally got it out of standby mode.  It took a complete power down and unplugging of everything - monitor and PC - to return to an out-of-box state which (for now at least) got things back to normal.  My early gut feeling is that the U3011 improperly sent some sort of signal to my PC telling it to put the U3011 in sleep mode whenever it saw it. I've started a more organized process to see if I can pin down the problem, assuming it happens again in the future, which I would expect since I did not really fix the source of the problem by my powerdown workaround. To start off, I have unplugged the USB cable connecting the PC to the monitor.  I doubt that this is the culpret, but at least I can rule it out if and when the next standby mode lockup happens.  I will keep this one-at-a-time rule-out testing going until I can home in on something; hopefully before my 30-day return grace period expires. I will post again when I have something more definite that may be helpful to others.  Many thanks to those of you that have already posted your U3011 standby issue comments.

  • Has development/engineering found an issue on this yet?  Im nearing the end of my 3yr warranty and I feel I have this monitor that doesnt work on the DisplayPort properly and I may have to get rid of it simply due to the fact that using a DisplayPort to DVI active adapter is a workaround, its not flawless, it has issues time to time (requiring me to unplug replug that).  Having to unplug and replug a monitor as a workaround using DisplayPort is not acceptable for daily use when you walk away from your computer for 15-20mins at a time. I cant keep doing that multiple times a day.  And no I dont feel increasing the timeout value is acceptable either, I dont need to risk burn in or waste unecessary power when Im not standing next to it.

    I fear even if Engineering find an issue there will be no real fix cause I dont believe these monitors are "upgradeable" in firmware.  Maybe it is, but I havent seen too many monitors that are.  So.... I dont see Dell coming to the table saying "yes we screwed up the firmware on the DisplayPort, you will have to send in your old monitor and we will send you a replacement or upgrade the firmware for you and send it back"  They would incur so much costs there.  They may just brush it under the rug and keep blaming the users or other hardware.


  • This is an update to my first post on 5/31/2012.  This morning the problem happened again.  U3011 locked in standby mode.  Since yesterday, I installed a new GTX 670 graphic card with downloaded Nvidia driver.  Installation went well with hours of testing afterward showing everything okay.  So, since the standby mode problem has reoccured, I think I can rule out the motherboard displayport as well as the USB connection to the monitor.  It also seems logical to rule out the new GTX670 card.  The U3011 becomming stuck in standby mode remains a mystery.

      Sequence of events leading to this mornings failure: First I woke up the U3011 monitor from its overnight sleep by turning on the DTVPal DVR device connected to HDMI1.  It came up with no problem.  After a few minutes, using the U3011 input selector, I selected the DisplayPort input and pushed the power-on button on my computer; that's when things began to go wrong, just like yesterday.  Monitor screen quickly transitioned from "going into standby mode" to a black blank screen with only the blue power button led lit.  Monitor was frozen in this state.  It was totally unresponsive.  I next unplugged the monitor, drained any residual charge by holding down the U3011 power button for 5 seconds, then plugged the monitor back in.  The monitor started back up and showed a "There is no signal coming from your computer" message.  I changed the input to see if HDMI1 was okay; it was.  Switched back to DisplayPort and the monitor immediatele went to "entering power save mode."  Next I shut down my PC, let it stay off for 5 minutes, then restarted the PC and everything went back to normal.  Mystery continues.  I'm pondering on what to try next.

  • Hi Bob,

    I feel your pain. I seem to have the same problem.

    On 31 May 12, I purchased two U3011 Monitors Rev A07 manufactured Apr 2012.

    They are connected to the onboard DP and HDMI ports of a new ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboard with 32 GB RAM, Samsung 256 GB SSD and Hitachi 3TB HD using the DELL supplied DP cable which seems substantial and an Apple HDMI cable ,. I have Windows 7 64 bit installed, with power management set to never turn off either monitor. I have DDC/CI disabled on both, otherwise factory settings. I have not connected any USB cables to the monitors.

    The system is used for business and home use.

    When I am doing routine Web browsing and OFFICE tasks or watching a video or running Flight Sim , the DP U3011 randomly goes black with the power button still showing solid blue, whilst the application(s) continue running.

    No mouse movements nor keyboard strokes change the black monitor status. Pressing the power button and repressing in a few seconds , cause both monitors to go black, Windows makes the “USB device disconnect” then “USB connect” sounds, and the monitors are restored albeit with non maximised windows requiring maximising. When I switch the DP connection to the other monitor, the blanking transfers to the DP connected monitor.

    These are my first DELL purchases, and I was expecting serious assistance. After being passed through three overseas call centres, I have been told to try to produce the behaviour on another machine, but my other machine doesn’t have DP. I was not given a fault log number nor any suggestion that my problem was being acknowledged or addressed.

    Any suggestions please from Dell or users?



  • Ian, I also have found Dell of less than no help in resolving the displayport (DP) issues.  So, after several weeks of trying to fix the problem myself, I have essentially given up.  I am convinced that there is nothing uniquely wrong with my monitor; but, that the issue is a known design problem that affects many U3011 monitors in certain configurations where the displayport is employed with multiple other monitor inputs.  It is certainly possible that one or both of your monitors have a defect that can be repaired; but, I personally believe that your only (and regretfully, expensive) solution may be to add a discrete graphics card with dual DVI outputs to your computer, since you are limited to iGPU DP & HDMI on your motherboard.  I have abandoned the displayport totally, and now use only the two DVI ports, a HDMI port and VGA port, and the monitor problems disappeared.  Other than the displayport issues, the U3011 monitor seems to be superb.  But, the support, not so much.  Caveat emptor.  Good luck.

  • Hi Bob and others,

    I continue to have intermittent black screen U3011s, when connected to DP requiring a power cycle. I am waiting for a 4GB GTX 680 to be available and will probably go that way. I hope this removes the problem.

    But really it is an expensive work around, and gives me a dilemma. I am about to build a number of systems based around the new Ivy Bridge CPU and Intel Z77chipset. I would like to connect via on board graphics to a good quality high Res monitor such as U2711. Unfortunately to support 2560 x 1440 resolution, using on board graphics, I have to use DP.

    I understand that the U2711 has the same problem as the U3011 on DP. So do I again have to add to the cost and complexity by adding a graphics card, or do I choose another monitor supplier?

    I imagine Dell must be facing this issue with many system builders.

    As always your thoughts and Dell’s thoughts are appreciated.