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Dell U3011 does not wake up after the DisplayPort input goes into sleep mode


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Dell U3011 does not wake up after the DisplayPort input goes into sleep mode

  • Hi, I'm a first time poster.  My Dell Latittude E6410 is in the docking station and connects to a Dell U3011.  The Dell 3011 does not wake up when the DisplayPort input goes into sleep mode (I have it set at 30 minutes).  I did not have this issue with my previous monitor, the Dell U2410, which was connected by DisplayPort. My workaround is to undock the laptop and the redock it each time I need to use my computer.  Does anyone else have this issue?  Is there a real solution? 


  • handRaisedCallMe,

    Can you test the U3011 DP on another PC so as to take the dock out of the troubleshooting equation?

  • I'm having the exact same problem with a m6500 connected over display port to two u3011's.  When my laptop puts the monitors to sleep I can get them to wake back up and I have to undock my laptop, shut it down then put it back in the dock and start it back up to get my displays working again.  Very frustrating.

  • I'm having the same problem with the  U3011's DisplayPort connection from a new Mac Mini.  In the process of researching this, I discovered a parallel discussion regarding the U2711 monitor with a suggested fix.  I haven't been able to test this out yet, but thought I'd fold the other discussion in here: 

     "My problem is resolved. U2711 can wake up together with mac mini after I disable DDC/CI (i.e. menu > Other Settings > DDC/CI) on U2711."

  • I tried a different Display Port cable (one from a Dell U2410) and have the same results.  Hopefully I can get another computer and try it out.  My docking station is version A00. 

  • Thank you for sharing your similar experience.  Hopefully Dell can device a solution. 

  • I have the same problem on a Thnkpad dock. My Dell3008FWP works, but the 3011 won't wake up after the computer puts the display into power save mode. Problem duplicated in two different docks. The problem does not occur when I plug into the Thinkpad's built-in displayport. Only happens when going through the dock. Perhaps a signal level issue?

    Another problem is that when I disconnect the displayport cable from the computer/dock, the monitor complains about missing signal and never shuts down into power save mode. So I can't just plug it in and out of the laptop. Needs to be terminated permanently in the dock.

    It's a shame, since this monitor is the best I've ever had. Sending it back till this gets fixed

  • Disabling DDC/CI does NOT resolve the problem for me.

  • I was the one who passed along the suggestion from another forum about disabling DDC/CI.  I have since had a chance to test it via a 2010 Mac Mini and the wake-up problem was resolved after making the setting change on the system I have here.  In fact, I ran the system for more than two weeks and tried a number of ploys to see if I could recreate the problem and the monitor performed flawlessly after turning off DDC/CI.  Perhaps those who have tried it and didn't find it worked need to try something a bit more drastic as part of the fix.  For instance, I found that once the Mini put the monitor to sleep, nothing short of removing the monitor's power cable would get it to work on the DisplayiPort line again.  I could connect via the DVI-D and HDMI ports fine but nothing I did would get the monitor to recognize that there was a live connection on the DisplayPort.  I believe that I did the "hard boot" of the monitor in order to get the DisplayPort connection working again before disabling DDC/CI via the menu and then from that point on the monitor never failed to wake up.  That's the best I got.  It fixed my problem and I hope it helps others.

  • I disabled DDC/CI in the U3011 control panel and it still does not return from sleep mode with the Dell Latitude E6410 + Docking station + Display Port. 

    Additionally, I had hoped that windows 7 SP1 would fix the problem but it did not. 

  • I'm having the same issue.  I have 3 MacBook Pro laptops, each slightly different from the last few years.  The early 2010 model worked on the  mini displayport for a few hours using the cable in the box and a displayport to mini-displayport adapter.  Now displayport won't work on any of the laptops, though VGA works.  When I connect it via displayport, both the monitor and laptop act like something is about to happen, however the monitor ultimately says it's getting no signal.

  • I am having the same problem using an Eport Plus in combination with an M6500.  Happens on both displayport outputs.

    This doesn't happen with other displays.

    Has there been any progress towards a resolution for this or should I return the 3011?




  • Well, last week I replaced my Latitude E6410 with a new Latitude E6420.  Same U3011, same e-docking station, and the same problem.

  • Another data point here...

    My wife has an HP 2540p and it exhibits this same problem, connected through its dock via DisplayPort, when used with the U3011.

    DDC/CI changes don't make any difference, nor did trying another cable.



  • Seems to be a Mac only fix. I have a 2011 MBP. Disabling the DDC/CI option fixed the sleep problems the MBP had with u3011.  



    On another note: on u2410 the problem is not present with display port. But with the display to DVI connection the u2410 doesn't go to sleep at all.