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Dell st2220t dual monitor - touch appears on secondary monitor


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Dell st2220t dual monitor - touch appears on secondary monitor

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Config: Docked Lenovo T410 laptop, with Win7 Ultimate 64-bit, Dell ST2220t is connected to VGA, Gateway FHD2401 (1900x1200) is connected to DVI.
Dell is the main monitor to make touch work. Gateway blurs the image drastically when attached to VGA, that's why ST2220t is on VGA. And I should tell the picture on Dell is very sharp even over VGA.

Couple days ago I've installed an update proposed by Win7 for Dell ST2220t monitor. After that when touching my ST2220T (VGA) the touch mark appears on the secondary monitor (DVI). As I use the touch feature rarely I'm not 100% sure it worked just before the update, but definitely all worked fine some time ago.

When I'm connecting Dell over DVI, making it main, and Gateway over VGA as secondary, touch works fine.

Uninstalling the current monitor driver (7/8/2010) didn't help.
For some reason the computer didn't have Restore feature enabled, so I can't safely roll back system updates.

Any idea what's wrong with the touch feature?


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  • Setup the Gateway as the only monitor connected to the PC through VGA. Remove the ST2220t driver from Programs & Features/Add Remove. If listed, remove it from the Device Manager. Reboot the PC. Shutdown the PC. Disconnect the Gateway, reconnect the ST2220t to VGA. Power on the PC. Reinstall this driver.

  • Chris, that worked. I skipped removing of the driver, because it wasn't visible in Device Manager (nor Programs and Features) once Gateway monitor was connected to VGA as the only one. I also wasn't installing the driver from the link, as it is the same version as the installed one.

    Looks like leaving ST2220t the only VGA monitor brings things back to normal. Then I just connected Gateway to DVI. So far so good.

    Thanks, Andrei.

  • The problem came again. This time I didn't install monitor updates, just some minor Windows updates and a program, which asked for computer reboot.

    Normally I hibernate or sleep the laptop. It looks like once the computer is rebooted with both monitors attached, touch input goes to the monitor attached via digital interface no matter if it is primary or secondary.

    It's quite annoying to reconnect monitors to restore that. I wonder if that's Microsoft's or Dell's problem?

  • I can't get my dual monitor setup to work at all. Same symptoms as agitato. Is it necessary to use VGA over the DVI input? 

  • Looks like my problem has been solved by updating the video driver (Intel HD, Now the touch goes to Dell all the time.

    Also the Dell monitor is connected to the notebook's DisplayPort via HDMI<->DisplayPort cable. So I don't know anymore if the problem is related to VGA, but before the update the touch went to the secondary monitor even with Dell being on DisplayPort.

    So most likely it's the Intel's driver issue, having little to do with and the connector.


  • Hi agitato, is your issue still resolved?  I have a similar issue that the touch screen always wants to be on the primary monitor.  So I touch on the ST2220t but my m\actions appear on the primary.  

    Thanks, Jeff

  • This did resolve my issue:

    1. Set the primary monitor as an extended display

    2. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Tablet PC Settings. Click Setup and follow the instructions on the screen

  • 1. Click "Start" on the Windows desktop. You may wish to do this with the stylus and with the PC converted into tablet mode for easier calibration.

    2. Click "Control Panel." Double click "Tablet PC Settings."

    3. Click "Reset" in the Tablet PC Settings window to reset the existing calibration data.

    4. Click "Calibrate" to begin the calibration process. Tap the areas of the screen specified by the calibration utility; your screen will be calibrated.

  • Really could use some help please on my st2220t. I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop running Vista. We installed the driver for the st2220t but it will not sense touch. This is for my grandchildren. Please reply with suggestions. Thanks in advance.

  • xugpug,

    * Make sure the USB Upstream cable is connected from the bottom of the monitor to the computer
    * Make sure the touch screen is connected to a USB port that provides enough power for it (some peripherals, such as keyboards, include USB ports that do not provide sufficient power for some devices)
    * Try connecting the touch screen to a different USB port on the computer
    * Make sure Control Panel -System & Security -System -Device Manager -HID touch device is recognized as shown below:
    HID-compliant device
    Microsoft Input Configuration Device
    USB Input Device

    * Run Windows Control Panel -Hardware & Sound -Tablet PC -Calibrate
    * Touch your finger on the screen at that center of black cross until the cross moves
    * The pointer moves to fifteen further positions in sequence for the first calibration and three further positions in sequence if previous calibration data is stored
    * Store the calibrated data to complete the touch screen calibration procedure

  • Chris M:

    Thanks for your reply.  Here is what we found:

    *The USB Upstream cable is connected from the bottom of the monitor to the laptop.

    *The touch screen (ST2220T) is connected to the USB port on the Inspiron 1520 laptop.

    *We tried this on both of the two USB ports on the laptop.

    *On the Control Panel Device manager, we found the HID compliant device section, but nothing about "Microsoft Input Configuration Device" or "USB Input device"

    *We tried to run the Calibrate Tablet PC and the black cross never moved.

    Any further help would be greatly appreciated.


    xugpug (Ron and Diane Ehrlich in Rochester, NY)

  • So you brought the Inspiron 1520 in to test rather than the Lenovo. What operating system is on the Inspiron 1520?