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U2410 Displayport Power Issue


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U2410 Displayport Power Issue

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I just purchased a new U2410 monitor approximately three weeks ago. I was initially using it with the DVI port and everything was fine, but when I started using the displayport things went downhill...

After troubleshooting a bit I was able to reproduce the problem I was having: If the monitor is on and you connect displayport then you get a signal fine. If, while the displayport cable is connected, you turn the monitor off and try to turn the monitor back on, the monitor will not turn on at all (no power light). If you then disconnect the displayport cable and attempt to turn the monitor on it will still not power on. Only after disconnecting the power cable and plugging it back in will the monitor come back on, as long as the displayport cable is not connected to the computer. That is, if you ever attempt to turn the monitor on while the displayport cable is connected to a computer the monitor will not turn on and will remain that way until you remove the power cable and plug it back in with the displayport cable not connected.

Initially Dell sent me a replacement, but it was a refurbished unit. The refurbished unit worked fine. I refused to pay for a brand new monitor only to get a refurbished unit a week after my purchase and told Dell exactly that -- they then sent me a new one. The new one had the same problem as the original monitor I received! I asked Dell if I could just keep the refurbished unit and have them give me a discount on my purchase (comparable to buying one from the Dell outlet) and they refused.

I noted that the refurbished unit was manufactured in June 2010, while the new ones were manufactured in July 2010.

I sent back the original and the refurbished unit and they said they would send me a new one. The new one had the same problem, it had a manufacturing date of July 2010. I called again and they said they would send me another one.  I asked what happens if that one doesn't work and was just given the answer "wait and see." I received the new one the other day and lo and behold it does not work either -- it also has a manufacturing date of July 2010. So, I've had a total of three new monitors (with manufacturing date July 2010) which all did not work and one refurbished unit with manufacturing date June 2010 which did work, but I refuse to pay full retail price for a refurbished unit.

Each interaction with a dell representative had a problem:

  • The first replacement was a refurbished unit when I was told I would get a new monitor.
  • The second replacement did not come with a return label. I had to schedule a pickup from UPS and make sure I was home.
  • The "third" replacement was sent to the Dell return facility because the representative changed my address to that place in the attempt to include a return label with my new monitor.
  • The real third replacement also did not come with a return label and the representative I spoke to today said to call tomorrow since none of their tools are working. He also said I will once again have to explain my issue for them to relay the message to "back end people."

I've purchased a few monitors with Dell before and was very happy, but this experience has been pretty bad (and continues to be).

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  • Was this when being plugged into a mac per chance?

  • cavey1991

    Was this when being plugged into a mac per chance?

    Yes, the latest 15" macbook pro. I went through 4 monitors manufactured in July and they all did not work (the one manufactured in June did work, but it was a refurbished unit), so I ended up returning the monitor. I purchased a U3011 and the macbook pro works fine with it.

  • I have the exact same problem with one purchased in early October.  However my unit was manufactured in Sept 2010 so the problem still isn't resolved.

    My monitor has the M1F193 firmware and the A02 firmware update file available in the forums is the same revision.  I tried reflashing it anyways but the problem remains.


    Dell-Chris, any idea on when the A03 firmware that will resolve this problem be available? :)

  • InkSpot42,

    Dell-Chris, any idea on when the A03 firmware that will resolve this problem be available?
    * There has not been any discussion of an A03 in meetings.

  • Is this something you can bring up in the next meeting?  There isn't much discussion about this power problem in these forums but a lot of discussion in Mac forums since Mac users seem to use the display port more than PC users because it is built-in to most Macs these days.

    This is a serious issue that needs to be resolved asap.  As you have see from other posts, some users are returning their U2410s, even multiple times, which can't be good for Dell's bottom line nor reputation.

  • The issue has to be reported by PC users before they will do any investigation into the issue. The last time I asked engineering about a monitor issue on Macs they said, "Dell does not validate any monitors with apple platforms.".

  • Chris,


    I just wanted to say thanks for being honest about this issue.  I called tech support and had to go thru a few different techs that said there isn't a problem before I got to one that knew of this issue and was willing to issue a full return instead of a replacement.


    I really hope Dell engineering resolves this issue with a firmware upgrade soon.  It is a nice monitor but it wasn't worth it having to pull all the cables every time I wanted to turn it on.

  • Using the DisplayPort -

    If you turn the PC on, then the monitor, it should work.

    If your in the operating system and you turn the monitor off, then on, it should work if the video card re-links.

    If your in any Dos mode and you turn the monitor off, then on, it will not work. That is by design.

  • If it is by design to not turn on at all, that is a bad design.  It should power on and the power button light should be orange instead of the normal blue or the OSD/icon should say "video mode not supported" or something.  just staying off (no lights, message, etc) when the user presses the power button is bad.


  • I Just purchased 2 Dell U2410 Monitors (for my Eyefinity Setup with His Radeon 5970) I have exactly the same problem as discussed here.. if i turn off the monitor connected to the display port during a windows session, the monitor will not turn back on (no lights no nothing!) unless i unplug both the display port cable and the ac cable for long enough to reset the monitor...  this is not good,  and i have tried swapping which U2410 is connected to the DP Cable,, same fault with either monitor..  something that needs to have a solution!  both monitors are A02 Firmware assembled in Mexico  DP/N 0C592M ( if this helps.)


    I've got the same problem!

    I just received my u2410 REV A02 (from Sep 2010) yesterday and connected it via a displayport cable to my Mac mini (2010). 

    Is there already a sollution for this problem? 


  • Dell has not come up with a solution and they probably won't for a while.  You might want to return it and get a different monitor because you won't get any help from Dell.  "Dell does not validate any monitors with apple platforms."

  • I changed my displayport cable from a 5m to a 1.5m. one and strange enough it works now!

    So it probably has to do with the length or the quality of the cable.

  • Deroode,

    I changed my displayport cable from a 5m to a 1.5m. one and strange enough it works now!
     Did you ever test the DP cable that we shipped with the monitor?

  • Hi everyone,

    This is actually an issue that has been happening for other monitor manufacturers as well. This happens because the cable (mini displayport on one end and full displayport on the other end) is not correctly manufactured according to displayport standard.

    The suggestion from Support Representatives from other manufacturers is to always use the cable supplied with the monitor. If needed, user should purchase an ADAPTOR  (mini to full displayport)  instead of a CABLE. Hope this solves issues for other users.