Dying monitor? 2408WPF has vertical coloured lines


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Dying monitor? 2408WPF has vertical coloured lines

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Hi there - I hope this is the right place to post, and I'd appreciate direction if I'm in the wrong :)

I've been the fond owner of a 2408WFP (A00, I believe) for a couple of years now and bought the 5yr warrantee when I purchased, thankfully! I'm generally very happy with it, but have found a couple of issues that make me wonder if I should contact Support for return/replacement.

1: When connected to my Dell Optiplex GX620 via a DVI cable, the screen won't come out of Power Save. I've tried different cables, and different monitors, and it seems to just be an issue with the 2408WFP. I /think/ the graphics card is an X600. Catalyst Control Center says "ATI X300/X550/X1050 Series" - it's the stock card for the Optiplex anyway. I normally run the Optiplex attached to a 1907FP and that monitor works just fine.

2: More worryingly, the monitor started displaying a vertical yellow line right down the desktop while attached to my laptop (ASUS M50VN running Windows 7 - no such line appears on the laptop's LCD.) This line disappears after a few minutes. If I turn the screen off, wait a while, then turn it back on, the line re-appears, then vanishes again with time. I'm guessing it's a circuit not quite firing until it's warmed up or something (I'm no electronics expert!)

Today, two lines appeared - a second magenta/red line appeared a couple of pixels to the left of the yellow line and likewise faded with time.

Is this covered under the Extended Warranty I purchased? Should I be calling local support to arrange swapping/shipping?

Thank you in advance!


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  • Get it replaced.

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  • Thank you Chris. I'll call Dell in Australia tomorrow.


    What happened to the other post on this thread?

  • Well, it took a couple of phone calls - my first CS rep didn't update my contact details, as far as I can tell, and the monitor never turned up so I called again after a week or so. Handed through 3 reps but got stuff sorted and got a back-up call an hour later to confirm info.

    But eventually my replacement monitor turned up. Upgrade FTW to an A02in great condition with zero dead pixels  - thank you Dell!

  • Hi.

    I am having the same problem with my 2408WFP as well..  My lines are now evenly spaced across the entire screen and has just recently started to flutter.  I have not seen or heard of any replies from Dell on this matter.  So I am assuming we will just have to switch brands the next time we buy monitors or anything computer related... 


    PS:  customer service cuts profits and golden parachutes for CEOs which is why most companies no longer walk the walk on service.

  • Hi David :)


    Chris (above) suggested I get it replaced, so I just called Dell Support and  they sent a replacement to me as my monitor was still under warranty. Perhaps give them a call yourself and see what they have to say on your matter. There was no quibbling, just agreement that the fault was covered, and reasonably quick resolution of the matter.