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Moving mouse across extended dsiplay on 2 monitors


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Moving mouse across extended dsiplay on 2 monitors

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I'm running Win 7 Ultimate on a Dell XPS 630,  GeForce 8800GT video card, 2408 (primary) and 2405 monitors in extended display.

When I ran Win XP I had the monitors arranged so I could drag the mouse from left to right across both monitors. Now I can't seem to do that in Win 7. The 2408 monitor is on the left and I have to drag the mouse to the left to get it to reach the 2405 monitor which is to its right. I've tried changing the position of the cables and rebooting but that doesn't help. I really want the 2408 to be the primary monitor, to the left of the 2405.

The NVIDIA control panel shows the 2405 monitor listed as Monitor 1, on the left of the 2408.

Any suggestions on how to get this working are appreciated.



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  • Sorry if you've already done this, but...  you should be able to change the primary display to what you want in the NVIDIA Control Panel. Under "Display," select "Set up multiple displays."  This will show you icons representing what display configuration is set up. Right-click on the display icons to change them to the correct configuration.

     If the control panel doesn't give you these options, update your nVidia display driver to a newer one.

    If things remain fouled up, you might try clicking on the "Restore Defaults" option (desperation move; I don't know what else to suggest!)

  • Thanks for the response.  I had tried your suggestions without success. I even tried every permutation of starting with one cable attached to the computer and adding  the other one.  I just stumbled upon the solution.....

    Right click the Desktop
    Choose "Screen resolution"
    Grab one of the monitor icons and drag it into the postion of the other monitor.  That's it.

    Why is it that adding a new hard drive and OS go smoothly and then some silly little thing like this takes half a day to resolve? LOL




  • Why not try 'UltraMon' THE application for driving Dual monitors - it's got some brilliant time-saving features (like smart task-bars on each monitor for whatever is open on that screen. It's a must-have app for anyone running a dual display - you can even disable the secondary screen quickly and enable it again when required . . . I recommend (oh and my support question was answered (and resolved) in two minutes!!