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Dell u2711 displayport problem "entering power save mode"


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Dell u2711 displayport problem "entering power save mode"

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Problem started when I replaced the DVI cable with a Displayport cable (have a Sapphire 5670 card) many times the monitor would not start up after sleep mode, and now it hardly starts at all when power on the PC even from a cold state, I know for sure it`s not the cable or the PC, and it cant be the ATI drivers either as I dont even get the boot commands, it`s just black and says "entering power save mode" IF I get the PC to boot and pause at the dos commands before windows starts, and then turn off the monitor when in pause, it never starts up again, so the problem must be the sapphire graphic card or the Dell monitor, but how do I find out? I dont know anyone with a displayport monitor or video card to test with.

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  • Not good enough Dell.  They say because they havent tried fixing the problem yet, they wont refund my money and accept the monitor back.  Instead they want to send me a refurbished one to try and solve the problem.  Not good enough, a 3 month old Monitor in exchange for a monitor with unknown (to me) history.

    And then he tries to tell me that he takes his dell laptop from work to home and connects via VGA and it works fine.  I said this isnt over VGA is it, it's over DisplayPort, which is the only way I could also watch blu-ray movies.  So I'll be speaking to Aust Dept Fair-trading tomorrow.  I either want my monitor fixed, or I want a refund.

  • I had the same issue with a Dell U2711 (Graphics Card: Quadro 4000). Screen used to work with a DP lead on resolution 2560x1440 but one day it stopped working; it started going into "Powersave Mode" and the resolution had to go down to 1920x1080 to work again with a DP.

    Issue occurred even after a replacement screen. Seems that the issue was with the DP lead. Amphenol leads worked perfectly fine however BizLink leads did not work.

    May not be the same for everyone but this is what happened for me.

  • I had a Dell Studio 9000 (ATI 5870, 8GB RAM) that I used with the Dell U2711 with a DVI-D connection for a year. The monitor would frequently go into sleep mode for no apparent reason and I would have to reboot the system. But the Studio 9000 had so many other problems I finally just got rid of it and replaced it with a Mac Mini (which is a far better system, at half the price).

    Now, the Mac Mini connects to the U2711 via a mini-Display Port to DVI-D adaptor. It works OK, but every once in a while when the Mac is coming out of sleep mode, I get snow on the screen and I have to power-cycle the monitor, i.e., turn it off, then on. 

    Anyway, I was thinking of replacing the DVI-D adaptor with a mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort adaptor (and a DisplayPort cable). 

    Unfortunately after reading all the comments on this thread, it sounds like even *that* solution might not work. So I might just stick with my DVI-D solution, and just power cycle the monitor a few times a week.

  • If the DVD-D solution gives you full resolution, stay with it.

    There is definitely a problem with the Dell monitor not playing nice.  From another poster, it seems the A06 version has solved the problem.  I have no idea what my version is or how to find it.  Anybody know?

    If the mini slept, the 2711 would sleep, and not wake up when the mini did.  If the mini stayed awake, the monitor would eventually sleep, and wake when I used the keyboard or mouse.

    The Kanex cable helped, for a while. The mini would sleep, the 2711 would go to sleep; the mini would wake, the 2711 would wake.  Good. If the mini stayed awake and the monitor slept, it would wake with the keyboard or mouse. Double good, problem fixed.  Then a little over a month later, it stopped.

    For a while I could play with the Pulling the Plug, disconnecting the cable, powering the monitor off, whatever, and I could get things working properly via some combination of secret handshakes.  No more.  Now I have to power down the mini when done, and push the ON button to start the day.

    Here's part of the problem: when the Dell goes to sleep with the mini on, it somehow screws up the mini. The only way I can shut it off is to push and hold the Power button until it shuts down. (This can be tough on the directory.)  When the computer is up and running with the display on, I can use the standard Apple keyboard commands to Shut Down, Restart, and Sleep the monitor. (Obviously I don't Sleep the computer.)  When the display falls asleep, I *should* be able to use the keyboard command to Restart, and it's back up in a minute-plus.   Not right, but acceptable.

    But once the display goes goes to Sleep, the keyboard commands don't work.  <sigh>

    The HDMI port of the mini is limited to 1080, so I'll try the mDP > DVD-D again.  I only got 1080 out of it, so I lived with the current Power On/Off kludge.  I now have to try the Dual-link cable from monoprice to see if I can get the DVI-I working full tilt.

    It will be a long time before I buy another Dell monitor, if ever.

  • Would you please let me now if the Dual-link cable works with your 2711: Full resolution & wake-up after standby.

    Thanks in advance

  • I am using a mini-Display Port DVI-D adaptor from Apple, , to connect Mac Mini to U2711. It is not a cable; you need a separate cable. It works most of the time. Once or twice a week, when the Mac comes out of sleep or power up, I have to power-cycle the monitor (which only takes a few seconds). By power-cycle, I mean, turn it off then on. Other than it works at 2560x1440. Comments say you need a very high wattage USB hub. Apple sells another DVI-D adaptor/cable, Atlona AT-DP400 for $50 more than the one I had. I think it works better, it has higher ratings anyway.

    It's richly ironic, isn't it, that I came to this forum because I was considering trading in my DVI-D adaptor for a DisplayPort solution, and the people using DisplayPort now want to use the DVI-D solution!

    Remember also, I had a new Dell Studio 9000 (before I upgraded to a Mac Mini) for a year purchased with this monitor Even that system never worked well with the monitor. The monitor would constantly sleep and not wake up. That was with a straight DVI-D cable, Dell-to-Dell. My Mac Mini, even with the occasional power cycling, still works *better* with this monitor than my Dell did!

  • Thank you!! That sounds like a solution for for my McMini-U2711 connection. Some additional questions:

    - I only need an extra DVI-D cable to connect the adapter with the monitors DVI - correct?

    - Do I also have to connect the adapters USB to the monitor - I don't think so correct?

    - When you power-cycle the monitor, do you have to plug it off or only switch off with the button?

    Thank you in advance & p.s.: dont sell your adapter :-)

  • I can answer these questions only for the Apple DVI-D to Mini DisplayPort adaptor. I haven't looked at the Atlona one. If I were you, I'd seriously consider and probably buy the Atlona one, even though it is more expensive, because it has higher ratings. There's probably a very good reason it has a higher price, in other words. That said,

    - You only need an extra male-to-male DVI-D cable, correct.

    - You do not need to connect the adaptor's USB to the monitor, but you do need to connect it to a USB port. Note that the comments in the Apple Store reviews suggest using a very high-wattage USB hub for the connection, like an iPod Dock or something. I think the comments suggest a 10W USB hub. I am using a "plugable" 12-port Hub I got off Amazon, anyway, you might want to look through the comments.

    - When I power cycle monitor, I only have to switch it off, then on. I do not have to unplug it. I do it a few times per week.

    Let us know how it goes for you, it's good to have these experiences google-searchable.

  • Well, I got mine u2711 returned and refunded after a few months of wait. My main concern was SERIOUS overheating of the front LCD panel. It went to 60+ C! Additionally, the stupid sleep problem on display port was making me go crazy. I got mine u2711 exchanged for two U2412M which I choose because of LED backlight which is not producing any heat at all (slightly worm screen but that's 500% less than u2711).

    Guess what, Displayport sleep problem occurs on this monitor as well! Since my Mac Mini has DP and HDMI, and I have two monitors, after I wake Mini from sleep, occasionally the DP connected monitor stays in sleep while HDMI connected monitor wakes up. Hilarious!

    That happens every 3rd time monitor goes to sleep, but I get it working by just turning monitor off and on (on button not power cycling). It also seems that secondary monitor is preventing DP from completely going dead. So there you have it, a DP sleep solution! Just buy additional Dell monitor, preferably the same expensive u2711, which Dell would like the most! : )

    I just wanted to let you know that Dell will be Dell, and just forget about getting DP working correctly OR get another monitor. I cannot resist, I also must congratulate the awesome Dell tech who when I first reported overheating problem brilliantly suggested that I get a AC.


  • I've had similar problems and can confirm that my problem was with the DisplayPort cable I was using that came with my Dell monitors. The 20th pin was suppling additional power to the monitors graphics card which was causing my screen to flicker and blackout, and failing to turn on again after it was off. I pulled out all the cables accept the displayport  cable, and the LED's on my monitor were still lit, a way of testing that the monitor was indeed receiving two sources of power.

    I did a little research and found these:

    "When a cable is used to connect a display directly to a graphics adapter, the DisplayPort

    specification states that the cable must not connect the power line, and the power outputs of the

    two devices should not be connected together via the cable."

    Apparently some cables break this specification which is what was causing my problems.

    I hope this was of help to anyone following this topic

    Could Dell please look into this, and try and find recommended cables, as the ones I received from Dell were what caused the problem D:

  • I'll order one and test as well, Dell actually sell the HDMI to display port adapter.


    Maybe some of the Amphenol DP leads provided by Dell are the 19 pin versions but the Biz Link DP leads are always 20 pins (based on the ones I have received.)

  • OK GUYS....

    I had that issue.. laptop went to sleep and I was using a DP to DP cable in order to get the 2560x1440 resolution (it's the only way in my case, the DVI output on my U2711 it's not Dual Link so..). Anyway, the laptop went to sleep and the displayport output never worked again, no matter if I turned the monitor off, plugged the DP on another PC, I thought that the DP ouput died and then.. TADA!! I turned the monitor off and cutted the power for a while.. and it started working again.. it seems that this monitor does not have a good Power Management developement done... so.. for those that are looking to buy another cables and etc.. first unplug the monitor from the wall a bit and see what happens.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I plan to buy another monitors from APPLE.

  • I come across this thread and wanted to let you all know what I did to resolve my problem. 1st I have a Dell pc and Dell monitor. I went through the normal stuff, changing cables, power off/on, even swapped the video card with one from another pc, tried different monitor all to no avail.

    The FIX:

    Power down your pc/disconnect the power plug from source (wall)/open pc to gain access to internals/make sure internal leds are off, indicating power supply is discharged/remove each cable connected to the mother board (the big board that other stuff is plugged into)/wait a few minutes/replace cables/power plug and for me this allowed signal from pc to monitor and no re-occurrence of "black-screen-of-death"

    Good luck!!  

  • The FIX:

    Power down your pc/disconnect the power plug from source (wall)/open pc to gain access to internals/make sure internal leds are off, indicating power supply is discharged/remove each cable connected to the mother board (the big board that other stuff is plugged into)/wait a few minutes/replace cables/power plug and for me this allowed signal from pc to monitor and no re-occurrence of "black-screen-of-death"

    Good luck!!  

  • I'm afraid that is no fix. All you have done is make the graphics card forget its learned parameters for the monitor. The problem will recur in time.

    Good luck!!