Dear DELL Support,

after contacting the German DELL Support, I was told to FIRST install all DELL drivers (inf + webcam driver) BEFORE connecting the monitor using USB. Now, I completely reinstalled my computer, installed all drivers, but still face the same problem. The webcam is not usable. I used the following files:


DELL_SP2309W-Monitor_Webcam SW RC1.1_R229400.exe

When I first started the DELL Webcam Central, I got some strange views... the screen looks scrambled, like on pay tv. When I set the resolution to the lowest value (160x120) I finally get a correct picture. However, even then I have problems, the frame rate is limited to around 1 fps.

Then I used Windows Update and it installed some Creative Driver. Now, there's no more scrambled screen on higher resolution, it just stays black. The behavior when using 160x120 didn't change though.

The camera itself seems to work fine. I attached a Macbook Pro 5,5 and the camera was usable with all resolutions perfectly. However, the Windows driver seems to have problems. At least with my HP Pavilion I used the USB ports in the back as suggested in some threads.

 Now, I am out of advice. What can I do next ? Is there some beta driver I could use ?