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dell st2410 blurred text


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dell st2410 blurred text

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im new here maybe some one can help i have two computors hook up to one monitor #1computor is dell dimension 9150,#2 computor is dell precision 360 hook up to a mini view  kvmp switch so i can go back and forth,and the monitor was a dell 19 big tube.i had just recieved my new dell 24 inch flat screen monitor dell st2410 full hd widescreen says that i can raise the screen resolution to 1920x1080 it wont go that high. so i went  to nvidia and down loaded the ge force 7300 le,but my problem is when i scroll up and down on web sites the text gets blury its driving me nuts i have no idea what to do or how to set  things the geforce 7300 le still doesnt let me go that high of resoution and i dont know if that will make a difference  i did try to download the monitor driver here at dell but i dont know if it installed  thanks  sss      

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  • Hi, campusman99:

    Welcome to the world of HD monitors!! Sad This is actually a very common problem.

    If the 1920x1080 resolution is not available, then your video card does not support it using that driver. My suggestion would be to go to the NVidia site and try other drivers. Sometimes older drivers will actually work better.

    Obviously, running at a lower resolution will produce a less than optimal picture on any LCD. For CRT monitors, it makes much less of a difference.

  • could i change the video card will it be clear if i do this it cant be hard to do it? the only thing is which video card do i buy   thanks

  • Try testing the monitor on each PC without the switch.

  • both computors flutter wheni scroll up and down and blurry checked both

  • So you tested the monitor by itself on both PCs. But on both PCs you cannot set the resolution to the required 1920x1080. Is that correct? I think a better video card is in order.

  • no i tested it on both computers and up dated the driver on the # 2 computer and set the resolution to 1920x1080 and on the first computer i went to best buy yesterday and bought a updated  new video card installed it and set the resoultion to 1920x1080  get the same thing scroll up and down and its blurry and the screnn flutters like wavey water and is jummpy then after all that call dell and after 2 hrs on the phone and talking to 8 different people in india they tell me to un plug the monitor when im on it and see if there is any color bars on it and there wasnt they determined the monitor is back ive talk to a lot of people and they say these monitors should work fine plug in play ,there sending me a new monitor if the new one does the same thing its going back  i wasted 8 hrs on this yesterday and dells coustomer service sucks  horrible.