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U2410 Drivers and Documentation CD


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U2410 Drivers and Documentation CD

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I just got this monitor - but the "Drivers and Documentation" CD wasn't in the box (neither was the safety card for that matter)...  It is listed on the website - it is shown as included in the box on the quick-start card - there is even a foam covering on the monitor screen itself that has a picture of the CD and a note in about 12 languages that says there is "important information about using this monitor on the CD."  On top of that - I have read reviews and even watched "unboxing" videos on youtube for this monitor that have specifically shown the CD...  I have been transferred around to 8 different people on the "customer care" phone line for the last hour - with nobody giving me any answer or help... All I want is the CD that is part of my order - but nobody seems able to accomplish this... Is there any other way to get the CD???

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  • Nope. It is a drop in at the factory. You can get the drivers here. The User's Guide and Setup Diagram are here.

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