U2410 Green/Pink Tint Issues


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U2410 Green/Pink Tint Issues

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Just wondering could i get a replacement monitor for my current U2410 which has very serious left green and right pink tint issues? Even on this dell community forum, where both sides i can see very obvious difference, would any firmware solve this issue or it's something more serious?

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  • I am not a pikcy guy, however but almost all the monitors i got are with tint problem.

    The regional TS responsed the QC claimed there is no quality problem on the panel.

    Even now i am browsing the forum, the 2 sides are in different color.

    According to Chris, it's not any revision. My personlly regard it as meaningless way.

    The regional of asia pacifc does not accept the tint problem for exchange.

    At the other side, i do fully understand "the higher price, the better quality".

    but should customers ask for the basis quality on being without tint panel?

    Even the cheapest TN Panel can present the same backgroud color whist browsing this forum page.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing the offical reply soon. 

  • Awesome! What forum?

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  • The forum is en.community.dell.com and globe.hkepc.com.

    From the 2 sides, you can tell the visible different color by naked eye. Also from the windows picture and fax viewer, you can see the 2 side of white color is different as well.

    One seems to be pink, the other is green.

    The poster who posts their condition in the same case as mine.

    But i don't feel comfortable to Dell's China QC indicating there is no problem of tint panel on this model.

    If so, why are so many posters here?


  • Dear support,
    i am also having this tint issue, either a pink or purple haze across the entire monitor which is very dissappointing.  I have contacted customer support for a return, however they are chargning me $80 some odd dollars for a restocking fee, which i feel is unfair since the monitor is somewhat defective.  this color tinting problems would probably not affect a normal user as much however i am doing some photography work for which this is a problem. 

    the monitor is not up to par and rather than go through sending it back for replacement after replacement, i'd prefer to just return it at this point.  Is there anything that can be done about this restocking fee? 

    I greatly appreciate your time and consideration in this matter


  • Can you post the exact link to the U2410 pictures on the hkepc site?

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  • Hi, chris,

    I don't understand you very clearly, but the link to the web site is


    the format likes dell forum so that 2 sides are in different color in all my U2410.

    As spoke, one is pink, the other is green.


  • All,

    Going into the monitor Factory Menu and making changes could result in a non-functioning monitor. This is not covered by your warranty.

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  • I'm getting the green/pink tint on my U2410 also. Very annoying. It tends to tint green towards the left side of the monitor and then tint pink towards the right. A photo probably won't pick it up very well, but if you want me to upload one I will be happy to. I was so happy with my 2407 WFP, until the power button became loose and I had to get it replaced. Might have to get on the phone with Dell and sort it out. Unless anyone has any other ideas...

  • Hi Chris,

    The Replacement monitor arrived today. Looks good.

    1. Monitor rotation on the stand allows setting the monitor level.

    2. Out of the box Brightness was lower than the Original monitor.

    3. Standard setting Gamma settings were noticably different than Original monitor. sRGB Gamma was almost the same as Original.

    4. No noticable Green/Pink Tint.  ;)

    5. The Langom Viewing angle shows that the dislay isnt exactly uniform, seems a little bluish (cool) on the left 1/5 of the display. I'd have to check it with the spyder.  I'd love to take a picture and post it but its either too blu or too pink, not very photogenic.

    6. Blacklight bleed is little better than the Original Geen/Pink monitor,   I'd wish it was better than it is.

    7. No stuck pixels, can't find any at the moment.

    8. Rev A00

    9. Still using the Original cables.

    Actually this replacement is pretty good.  Too bad its a  little cool on the left ( I mean a tad, but at $600 you see it) I like this monitor, Its very impressive. I hope Dell eventualy sorts out the problems. I'm no stranger to Monitor returns, last CRT was a result of 4 returns, which I eventually settled on a Samsung at 1/3 the price and a better image.

    Capture gets picked up Friday.

    Thanks for the Very quick 7-10 day (overnight ) delivery ;)  wasnt expecting it.



  • Adding my monitor to the list. Got it this week and immediately saw the Green/Pink issue. Oh, the backlight bleed is also quite bad.

    My Macbook Pro is connected via DVI and the Green/Pink tint issue is clearly visible to the naked eye, out of the box. Tried different settings and still can't get rid of it. Same problem with my PS3 connected in HDMI.

    Purchased through Dell Canada.

    The only positive side is that there is no dead pixels. Now I don't know if I should ask for an exchange (with the chance of getting deadpixels or tint problem again), refund or keep it (with a sour taste everytime I'll look at it).

    Possible buyers beware. I wish I read about this issue before (which seems to affect a *very* high percentage of the monitors).

  • Concerning the Green/Pink Tint issue, we have not fixed any monitors in the hub. Do not get anymore exchanges. We have a sufficient amount of captures. Once we validate the Green/Tint issue, we will send our results to the manufacturer. then, they will validate our results and make a plan. This will take awhile.

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  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this information - it helps me seal my decision to keep the two excellent 2209WA monitors I bought and return the U2410 for good.  Also, thanks for staying on top of this - it can be infuriating to deal with telephone customer support sometimes and it's reassuring to know that Dell has someone who's willing and capable of tackling these issues.

    As an aside, if anyone else is in this predicament, swapping the U2410 for 2x2209WA gives a great amount of screen real estate for roughly the same price, without any red/pink tint issues (so long as colour gamut is not an issue - it isn't for me).



  • rainzquall

    Testing update: Whole screen tint can be fixed by tuning color temperature in the factory menu!!

    When i was surfing u2410 forums today i was lucky enough to find out how to activate the innolux factory menu. And i found that it is extremely helpful if you are not satisfy with the colors of the preset modes (too reddish, yellowish, or greenish) and dont have uneven color tint problem.

    In the menu there are RGB temperature values for 5700K(warm), 9300K(cool), 6500K(standard/multi/game), Srgb, and Argb presets. Since i use standard and game presets the most ,i only played with the color temperature of 6500K until the yellowish is gone.

    The outcome is pretty satisfying. So for now i will wait for rev01 and see if they are fixing the Srgb/Argb dithering issue.

    To activate factory menu, turn off your monitor. Then hold second and forth button(counting from the top), and while holding press the power button. The led will start turning on from the bottom. Once the leds are all on press the first button(the blue factory menu should be opened by now, if not try press the top button again).

    Hope it helps.


    Genious!  Thanks so much for sharing this.

    I have a in my set of 3, the first one had a gradient of pink.  You could take a white window resize it to about 1/3 of the screen width and drag it from one side of the monitor to the other and watch it change from white to pink.

    Obviously a panel issue, I got the replacement for it this week and I was sad to see it also had pink tint to it, however its not a gradient its the entire panel.  With this method you just shared I reduced the red quite a bit and a smal bump in blue in sRGB mode the one I use and its a pretty good match with the other two now.  Enough for me to live with instead of exchanging it again.

  • Great...will stop warranty and wait for the new solution instead of keep playing lottery game with the Dell.

  • In a review on another seller's site of the supposedly similar HP LP2475w, a customer had a similar problem with the hue. After getting a replacement having the same problem, he "got the Idea to turn all the colors to 150 and calibrate from that point. I no longer have any color casts. Monitor looks great!"

    Has any one tried this with the U2410? I'd like to get this monitor (love the specs!), but I'm reluctant to do so until the hue problem is resolved. Any good alternates (any brand) ?