I purchased a dell wide screen monitor in 2007.  The only numbers I can see on it right under the electric plug  are CN0GP004-72872-7CD16YS  

The other information is in another language.  It is a wide screen, at least 20" has two usb ports on the left side of the screen and has another type of connection (sort of looks like a parallel port but wider)  in the back other than the regular usb connection to my computer.  It also has two other usb ports in the back one other connection, I have no idea what it is. You can position this screen up or down or even turn it so it views long ways.and it pops onto a stand that is silver and is shaped like a V .

I can't find any other numbers except for Dell Monitor. I tried to look up my customer purchases but couldn't find it that way either. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.