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1907FPc can't display video mode


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1907FPc can't display video mode

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  My monitor is dispalying the following message.  How do I fix this?  Do I have to connect my old monitor back and adjust the resolution to 1280x1024 just to get this monitor online?


Start message:

1: Analog Input

Cannot Display This Video Mode

Optimum resolution  1280x1024 60Hz

:End message

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  • hims,

    Are you saying you previously had another monitor connected using a higher resolution than 1280x1024?

  • Yes, that is correct.

  • I was able to connect my older monitor and down adjust the resolution to 1024x768 just so that I can get into the systems with the new monitor and adjust them up to 1280.

    But my concern now is, on a couple systems I adjusted the resolution past 1280 and the screen went blank.  On one system I was able to hit the ESC key and get back to the lower resolution.  But I can't on a couple others.  Is there a way to adjust or get back into those systems where I don't have to reconnect that older monitor?


    Thank you

  • You can try booting into Safemode which could change the resolution and then back into Normal mode.

  • Booting into safe mode (F8) worked.  Thank you.

    For others, boto into safe mode, hit F8 prior to the Windows logo, once in safe mode change your resolution to a small size, like 1024x768, apply it, you won't see the normal refresh process.  reboot and you'll be in.  then change you resolution to a higher size.

  • same problem and safe mode worked but would not allow me to change resolution settings. What gives?

  • My dell monitor is displaying the same message of cannot display this video mode, booting into Safe Mode does not solve the problem.  I get the same error message.

    Attaching my ViewSonic monitor  gives me an error of   "Out Of Range"  also.

    Both monitors work when attached to other PC's


  • All you need to do is uninstall the display drivers while in safe mode and restart your computer, windows should automatically detect the missing driver and reinstall it. To do this just go to the control panel, search for the device manager, click the + beside display or display adapters, then select the properties for the item under display, uninstall the driver, then restart.