OK, here goes...

I purchased the soundbar along with the monitor a month or two ago but am now finally able to use the AX510 soundbar since I just purchased the HDMI 1.3 cable.

I have tested the setup with my PC and two different cables, no sound.

I have tested it with my stand alone HD-DVD player, no sound.

I have disabled the onboard sound and am only using the HDMI, no sound.

I have tested the speakers independently, sound is fine.

I have tested it on Ubuntu and Vista both, no sound.

I have tested my computer using the same HDMI cable connected to my 52" LCD television, sound works fine.

I have tested the 'Do Not Turn Off Speakers During Power Save', no sound.

I have unplugged the 2408WFP and plugged it back in, no sound.

I have 'auto' selected the input for my HDMI, no sound.

If it was the O/S then either Ubuntu or Vista would work and it wouldn't work on my television with no problems.

If it was the cable it wouldn't have worked on my television.

If it was the speakers, they wouldn't have worked when hooking them up directly to my PC.

The speakers, computer and cable are all working.

So the only component that is not working is the 2408WFP and it's ability to route sound to the speakers from HDMI port,

I love the picture but I WILL NOT jerry-rig my system to get the speakers to work.

I DO NOT want to get a replacement since this one was brand new and I DO NOT want a refurbished one.

It is designed to work via HDMI so I expect it to work.



AMD 9950 BE

ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe

2X 2G OCZ RAM PC1066

Visiontek HD 4870X2 (bought through Dell)

PC Power and Cooling 860W PSU (bought through Dell)


Thanks for anybody's help,