HELP! My Dell 2407WFP monitor won't go to sleep!


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HELP! My Dell 2407WFP monitor won't go to sleep!



    We have a Dell 2407WFP display connected to a G4 Mac (Sawtooth) with OS X 10.4.11 via an ATI Radeon 9200 (for rotation) using a DVI cable. Ever since it was new, whenever I put the Mac to sleep the Dell just cycles endlessly through its red-green-blue-black-white sequence. I have to actually turn the screen off if I don't want this to go on. When I contacted Dell previously they said the screen sleep feature only works on a PC. I've since heard from dozens of other Mac users that this is rubbish. Various fixes suggested:

    Trash Energy Saver preferences, restart, and set up sleep again. Check for corrupt System settings.

    Shut down the Mac and re-seat graphics card. Check all cables fully seated. Disconnect USB cable.

    Try with alternate boot drive or new user log in.

    Repair permissions. Run Apple Hardware Test. Try a PRAM re-set.

    We tried all these, as well as connecting to three different Macs, but still no luck. I also checked the graphics card with a different monitor, which went to sleep as expected.

    Now that I know this problem shouldn't be happening I'm angry at Dell for feeding me a lie, and even more angry that I've put up with this from new, especially as it's been over a year now. Does anybody have an answer? Dell, are you reading this? Do I have a dud??



  • Have you tried the monitor with a PC?

    If it works with a PC, then it's a problem with your Mac.

    By the way, it is not Dell's fault you decided to buy a 3rd-party monitor for your Mac. If you wanted Mac-compatible, buy from Apple. End of story.

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  • First, this is a (mostly non-Dell employee) users helping users forum, not a direct line to Dell.

    When a PC goes into a screen saver mode, the PC's video provides a signal to the monitor and it reacts according to what the PC sends to it. 

    If you go into a power save mode/sleep model with a PC a "power off" (logic power off) command is sent to the monitor and it goes into it's logical power off condition.  I don't know how a MAC handles this, there is no drivers listed for this monitor so with Windows PC's the driver must be built in. 

    I know this is Dell's forum, but if I were looking for a monitor for a MAC, I wouldn't be looking at Dell equipment.

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  • I know it's a Dell, but this particular monitor had been recommended for Mac use in most Mac magazines in 2008, so is obviously compatible. I wouldn't normally have considered it otherwise. And the MANY replies to my original post to another online tech forum that were mostly from Mac users had used this very monitor/computer combination without problems, and also on a range of graphics cards. I have successfully used 3rd party equipment with all our Macs for very many years. This is quite obviously NOT a compatibility issue.

  • Have you done as suggested earlier - i.e. have you tried this monitor on a PC? If you encounter the same problems on a PC, then that would suggest (indeed almost confirm) that you have a faulty monitor. If it works properly, then there is obviously some interaction between the Mac and the monitor that is causing the problem. At this point, trying the monitor on a PC is certainly one way of narrowing down the possibilities.

  • I have the same problem with a Dell ST2320L monitor.  I originally had a VGA cable connecting my PC and the monitor, and there was no problem with the monitor sleeping, but after switching to an HDMI cable the monitor won't sleep.  This problem has been reported by others in the forum, and the problem is not strictly related to Macs.  I am having this problem more than 3 years after the original post, and there is still no solution; it appears Dell has REALLY dropped the ball on this one!  How does a company continue to produce monitors with the same problem for more than 3 years without dealing with it?