My Dell E193FP is no longer going into power save mode correctly. Instead of shutting off the backlight, it stays on. This means my screen goes white when my monitor thinks it's turned off. Not only does this happen when windows goes to sleep, this also happens if I simply hit the power button on the front of the monitor. The screen will stay white until I unplug the monitor from the powerstrip.


This is not permanent... the monitor works as soon as I bring the computer out of power saving "sleep" mode with a mouse wiggle or switch the monitor's power button back on.


I'm running XP SP3. My system is virus/adware free. I have loaded the latest monitor and video drivers. I have checked and replaced the cables. I have plugged the monitor into a different computer (a fresh install of vista on a dell laptop). None of these fixed/stopped the problem.


Oh, and if I unplug the cable from the desktop (even when the screen is in this white state), the Monitor correctly goes into it's self-test mode. If I plug the cable back in, the montitor returns to its blinding white state.


I am 99.9% sure this is a Monitor problem and not a software or video card problem, but I am open to suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!