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  • I really need a new monitor and was looking forward to purchasing this unit.  But the more I research the more input lag seems to be a real problem with this monitor.


    I am a FPS and online sim racer so this could be a big issue. 


    I read a post from Dell on a forum that they were going to address this problem in mid July.  But then I see post about the 09WFP has serious input lag problems.


    So what's the story on this display?  I really would like to avoid a TN panel. 


    What should I do.



  • What is a "TN" panel?

  • StevenC56 wrote:
    What is a "TN" panel?
  • I am really trying to learn the difference in panels since I need one NOW.


    It is my understanding that TN panels are cheaper than the S-PVA panels (Dell 2408).  The have less input lag (good for gaming) but suffer from less vibrant colors and have viewing angle problems.  Some have shading problems around the periphery of the display.


    I guess it's just a big trade off.  I really wanted Dell's S-PVA display but there is a very long thread with people with problems and a firmware revision that was supposed the cure the problems but I can't figure out if they did!