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Monitor problem


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Monitor problem

  • Is there any other way to remove this blue lock symbol from the center of my computer screen other than accessing the OSD menu? The buttons on the front of my monitor will not work, therefore I am not able to access the OSD menu to remove this. HELP!!
  • sawinger,

    * Press and hold menu button for about 30 seconds
    * Press the volume decrease and channel up buttons on the monitor simultaneously for 30 seconds
    * Press the volume increase channel up buttons on the monitor simultaneously for 30 seconds
    * Press and hold down both the power and Menu buttons down for 30 seconds

    Whichever one works, a message should appear stating that the OSD and buttons are unlocked.
  • I am facing the same problem too, did you find the solution


    I am using Dell E171FPb Flat Panel Monitor


    A flashing lock-unlock symbol appears on the screen all the times


    Blue color reverse (white) padlock in the cente of the screen

  • I am facing the same problem


    Blue color lock-unlock symbol in the center of the screen


    I tried all the buttons, nothing happens

  • helpfast1,

    What specific monitor model?
  • Dimension 2400 series


    Dell E171FPb Flat Panel Monitor


    Buttons on the monitor not responding

  • helpfast1,

    None of the buttons are working?
  • Only power button working and the rest are not
  • Did this ever get figured out? I have the same problem - flashing blue/white padlock (locked/unlocked) and none of the monitor buttons work in any combination for any amount of time held down.....


  • Did anyone sort this out

    I also have a E171FPb monitor where the only button to work is the power button. It also has the padlock (white on blue background) which cycles between lock and unlock with the occasional period when it just plainly disappears. however just when I think it's sorted it reappears

    This monitor does not have volume. Ive tried 30s plus of menu plus every other button including power


    I did once get the OSD up by turning monitor off and then holding the menu button down when powering up. but then could not select anything from the OSD. I cannot repeat this however


    HELP why throw away a otherwise working monitor?



  • Hi,I am facing same problem on U2410F monitor, a lock icon shown on the center of the screen, buttons can't work except power button.

    Hope your help, thank you!

  • After pressing menu about 30 sceconds, there is a unlock icon on screen and lock icon disappeared, but i can't switch screen(of notebook) to the monitor. The mornitor can be identified but no dispaly.

  • On the Dell P2312H you hold the button above the power button down for 15 seconds.