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2408WFP Power save mode problem


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2408WFP Power save mode problem

  • Hi, could someone please help,


    My 2408 arrived today and it does not seem to work with my laptop, it only comes up with the message "entering power save" and "there is no signal coming from your computer. press any key on your keybord or mouse to wake it or press the input button on your display to switch to another source". But, my laptop shows it as Dell 2408WFP in the NVIDIA Control Panel, and when I do select dualview I can actually drag something "across the monitor" but nothing shows.


    Alienware m15x

    Operating system: Vista Home

    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX


    It's connected via HDMI as it is the only connection for an external monitor from my laptop.

    I plugged my old laptop via VGA and the monitor works fine.

    I have tried my PS3 via HDMI and it works fine.

    I have tried different HDMI leads, and HDMI>DVI, still no change.

    I've updated the graphics drivers to the latest.


    Does it require drivrs to get this thing working?

    In device manager, the monitors (my laptop and 2408) both appears as Generic PnP Monitor, is that suppose to be correct?


    much thanks!

  • Yuelao,


    u didnt mention switching inputs on the monitor to HDMI. i suppose you did remember to do that when u connect via HDMI right?


    try it and see how it goes.

  • Hello.

    I had the power save mode problem with my new HD4850.

    I've had it with my previous card Radeon X800XL. Then I've changed it recently to 4850. And the story's repeated. :(

    But after I'v installed the last ati drivers I'm able to switch on monitor (after it was switched off). But the process of switching on is veeery long. The monitor shows my desktop shortly then turns off and wait several second showing only mouse's pointer. And only after a couple of blinking it shows the desktop.

    After that Vista often tell me something like 'your color scheme was switched to Basic. But actualy current theme doens't change.

    I've got A00 revision of cause. And no chance to change as I live in  Russia where there's no Dell.

  • EvilShrike wrote:


    I had the power save mode problem with my new HD4850.

    I've had it with my previous card Radeon X800XL. Then I've changed it recently to 4850. And the story's repeated. :(

    But after I'v installed the last ati drivers I'm able to switch on monitor (after it was switched off). But the process of switching on is veeery long. The monitor shows my desktop shortly then turns off and wait several second showing only mouse's pointer. And only after a couple of blinking it shows the desktop.

    After that Vista often tell me something like 'your color scheme was switched to Basic. But actualy current theme doens't change.

    I've got A00 revision of cause. And no chance to change as I live in  Russia where there's no Dell.

    Just to add on, as the original poster. I recently bought a new PC and chose a HD4870. Finally, I do not have this problem anymore. Confirmed it is due to the older 9600pro DVI spec or version stated by someone in this thread.


     But i'm not too sure why its not working for your HD4850....

  • I'm jumping in here to add another case to the Monitor's power save issues.


    My configuration:

    Intel platform

    Gigabyte EP35-DS3P rev 2.1


    2gb DDR2 800

    MSI NX8800GT 512mb (Nvidia G92-based 8800GT)

    Windows XP with latest Audio, Network, and Video drivers (as of 10/8/2008)


    Monitor 1: Samsung 930b (DVI)

    Monitor 2: Dell 2408WFP A01 (DVI)




     The power-save issue is the most prominent immediate issue. With the monitor powered off, the system does not recognize it in any form and simply will not add it to the list of devices.  The only means by which to have it be detected by the system is to turn it on within seconds of of turning the computer itself on.  The PC will then detect it and offer it as Display 2 for use as a desktop extension.  


     Yesterday, I camehome to find my PC stuck in a reboot loop.  For some reason, the display driver was throwing a BSOD and had cycled the system for nearly three hours every two minutes.  Unpluging the monitor removed the blue screen and allowed it to boot normally.  Plugging it back in caused the problem to re-appear.  Removing and reinstalling the video drivers fixed this. 


     Any time the display fails to power up again, it is no longer detected by the system.  In all of these cases, my computer registers only one display (the Samsung) and shifts my desktop and all windows over to it.  It's as if the 2408WFP were not even there.  This seems to be the strongest evidence of some larger problem with the display and the system not communicating properly.  In one instance, the display was physically powered off.  In another, it was powered on, but in power save mode.   The symptom was identical either case.


     I have heard that I should fall back on to VGA, and that this should work fine.  This is not an adequate solution.  My purchase was aimed to provide me with a more adequately sized screen for graphic design use and movie watching.  VGA will not provide me with adequately high signal quality and is a bit of a punch in the face when using such a high-quality screen.  I have yet to call tech support, but that's only due to not having the time in one spot at this point.  



    On to solutions...

    Is there any way to "translate" the workaround the ATI cards into a solution for nVidia (with the nVidia Control Panel) users?  We have full control over the signal at any given resolution through manual adjustment of fine details, so I don't see why it wouldn't be possible.  The post earlier mentioned reducing the signal frequency for compatibility and some individuals did respond favorably to this.  At the moment, I am not willing to consider purchasing another video card just to offer compatibility for my monitor.


     Any thoughts?  Feel free to request further details about my observations and/or configuration as necessary.

  • Just to resurrect this thread... I have a Radeon 4850 in a new HP box running Vista SP1... with a new (Nov 2008) rev A01 2408WFP connected via DVI... and the pretty much exact same problem set reported by users above. 


    Sleep and wakeup via keyboard controls is fine.  If monitor is put to sleep by itself (via idle mode power down)... it never wakes up and I have to reboot.  Often the display settings are reset to 600x800 (lowest available) somewhere during the confusion.

    So this problem is still around.  Anyone had any further insights into the cause(s)?





  • I also have the problem, that if my recently bought monitor ( Dell 2408 WFP rev. A01 ) is shut off by Powerbutton, it never wakes up again. Rebooting is the only solution, which means Reboot in Safe Mode first en Reboot again.I've tried many thing but nothing worked. Connecting the DVI connector in the other connection to the plus at the back of the pc resulted in a reslution of max. 800x600!


    I'm rather angry from all of this, reading the problem exists already for a long time and there is still no solution. As far as I know no other monitors suffer from this problem, only the ones from Dell and mainly with ATI-videocards. It seems to me selling the product is more important than satisfied custommers!! What's the problem to make drivers that fix this ennoying bug.


    My videocard is a Sapphire Radeon HD3650, 512MB, DDR3, PCI Express on a GigaByte GA-EP45-DS5 motherboard running  Vista Ultimate 64. Unfortunately there's no onboard videocard which will finally lead to buying another videocard which don't has this problem, but which one? Should it become a Russian roulette before I choose a working one of does anybody know which to buy?





  • You can add the

    ATI Fire GL T2-128

    to the list.  Fiddling with the check boxes is ineffective.  The 8.583 driver does not help (in fact it canceled the work-around I had been using).  I have the Dell monitor inf drivers loaded, that helped with the original workaround I was using.

    The tray tools are hard to find but out there - you will need to use Google to find them.  Driver reload off the hotkey folowed by power cycling the DVI monitor works.  MY THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS POSTED THEIR WORKAROUNDS!  The VGA monitor no longer has a problem.  The Fire GL-T2 has a VGA and a DVI output and I have a pair of 2408 monitors.  Both are A01 rev.

    My ancient Sony FW900 CRT (the 23" desk-eating monster) and Sony SDM-P234 (23" flat panel) worked flawlessly with this card without any issues.  My Dell experience to date with the 2408 suggests that Nec, Sony, and Samsung offerings at a higher price may be worth the money.

  • Hi all, 

    I'm not sure I buy the whole "video card as the problem" theory since I've never seen these monitors work correctly.  I've also never heard any complaints like this about other monitors.  I've only been able to test with ATI and Intel graphics so perhaps there are some that do work fine.

    I have two of these 2408WFP monitors that replaced two 2101FP (21") models that I used to use.  I've been a dual-monitor mode junkie from the first moment I was able to run in this mode,  My prefered setup was running the primary via DVI cable in stanard orientation, and the secondary via VGA in rotated (portrait) mode.  I have two desktop PCs and two laptops (all Dells) which I have tried.  Some have ATI and some have Intel graphics and none have had a driver update available from Dell for years (thanks a lot Dell).   The 21 inch monitors worked flawlessly on every combination of PCs it was hookjed up to (at least until XP XP3 killed rotation mode that only new drivers can remedy).  I loved those monitors so much that I bought two 2408s when they went on sale. I was also pretty happy with my computers at the time although the inability to get current drivers from Dell has caused that luster to tarnish.

    The problem discussed here happens with the 2408 monitors on every combination of machine I've tried.  Turning a monitor off or cycling through input sources is all that it takes to loose the signal for good.  I have never been so frustrated with a computer product as I am with these. monitoers  I am at wits end.  I have wasted probably hundreds of hours on trying to trouble shoot it.  I am usualy quick to blame my own ignoance when problems like this exist assuming Dell would never relase a product with this obvious of a flaw so I must be doing someting wrong.  I, like many here, thought that a desktop computer was not coming out of standby since at the time I only had one monitor hooked up via the DVI port.  It took remote desktop from anoter computer to figure out that the computer was fine, but the monitor would not wake up.  I have since hooked up the VGA port to the secondary monitor and it usualy displays ok. 

    The only way that I have found to wake a primary DVI monitor up is to setup dual-monitor mode and launch the video card software or the Display Settings control panel (both of which always starts up on the part of the desktop occupied by the sleeping monitor) from the VGA monitor then blinbdly press ALT-SPACE-M followed by a cursor key to move the dialog into view.  I takes some practice, but once the dialog is visible, changing the resolution down then back up (1900x1200 to 1900x1080 then back to 1900x1200) cuases the monitor to spring to life.  On some computers I can simply answer no when it asks if I want to keep the first change.  When it reverts, the monitor wakes up.  On the others, I have to accept the lower setting then switch it back and accept that before it works.  However, this is only possible when a logged-in desktop is visible on a second monitor.  If a login screen or a locked desktop screen is displayed (which is realy hard to tell), these settings aren't available nor are any hot-keys your video software might have allowed you to setup.  Also, since only the extended portion of the desktop can be seen you can't see what is going on.  I tried creating some icons there, but they often get reorganized back onto the primary desktop.  When the primary screen is VGA the problem is reduced but not eliminated.

    I have seen a related post where version A00 of the monitor firmware is to blame.  I have spent so much time fighting this on my own that I'm sure any warantee that I may have had has expired.  I wish I could have found this post earlier.  I realy didn't even know what to search for...


  • I think this is the USB hub on your monitor that is also being turned off by the monitor switch.  Not the smartest of designs...


  • Good evening to all and sorry for my English. I have two monitors of 2408 related to a mac pro with GeForce 8800 graphics card GT via DVI. Well one of the two displays often when the computer remains in stby. Only after you have turned off the button and the problem is resolved. There is a solution and why the problem occurs only with a monitor? Thank you.

  • I have DELL E196FP monitor, I had the power save mode issue for the last few days, sometime it only stayed up for few minutes,  and this is how I got it fixed:

    Control Panel -> Display -> "Settings" Tab -> "Advanced" button -> "Monitor" Tab -> "Properties" button -> "Driver" Tab -> "Update Driver" button
    Then pick "Install the software automatocally (Recommended) to update my driver.

    I think this fixed my problem, because my machine has stayed up for 3 hours now, and I hope this can help someone with the same problem I am having.


  • I have been using mine with my mac pro for a couple of weeks, it got stuck in power save mode once or twice, but restarting the computer fixed it.  This morning it won't even work after rebooting.  This is a brand new monitor, but can't get it out of power save mode, so it's pretty useless to me right now...  Hopefully I can get this resolved, because otherwise I'll have to return it...  Too bad, cause I really liked it!

  • I have been a member of this forum for over four years and was quite active for a while, but I haven't logged in lately because all of my Dell equipment was working flawlessly...until I got my 2408WFP last month.  I bought it because I loved my three 2407WFP's so much, and because I found an excellent deal on eBay ($233 shipped!).  The image quality of this 2408WFP is stunning, but like you guys, it had this frustrating Power Save problem.  My graphics card is the Radeon 7500 AGP card, which I believe hasn't been mentioned in this thread.  I think it's even older than all the cards you guys have mentioned so far, so it's hardly a surprise that I had this notorious problem.  The newest Catalyst software that supports this card is version 6.11, from Nov 2006!  I read through all six pages of this thread and learned about the "uncheck both DVI options" approach.  It turned out Catalyst 6.11 only had one DVI option, and unchecking it did solve the problem!  Before this breakthrough, I was forced to use the VGA input to circumvent the Power Safe issue, but that was obviously an unsatisfactory solution -- vertical lines had shadows, as several of you pointed out earlier in this thread.  I am so happy that I can use DVI again.  Thanks everyone for the tips!

  • I just order one Latitude E4300, Windows XP Pro, Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD and two 2408WFP.  One monitor has this issue and the other don't.  I think this should be a monitor hardware issue.  Change DVI cable will not solve the problem.  Just get the replacement and will post result when I have it tested out.