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2407WFP - Out Of Range Signal Error On Component Input


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2407WFP - Out Of Range Signal Error On Component Input

  • I have been using my model 2407WFPb for the last six months with an XBOX360 using the component video input and 1080i. Every one to two weeks I get either an "Out Of Range Input Error" or a blank (black) screen with the backlight still on. Each time this happens, it requires that I unplug the power for about 20 minutes (or more) before connecting all of the cables again (I also unplug the USB, VGA, and DVI cables as well). I remember reading forum posts in the past about problems with component input on this model with 1080i. At the time I couldn't find a solution so I just put up with it until now. However, this problem has become increasingly aggravating over the last two weeks because it now happens every other day. Below is an example of the on screen error that will occasionally be displayed: ---------- Out of range signal. Cannot display this video mode, change computer display input to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz ---------- In case anyone asks: No, it still does not work after connecting another component video device. It will require that most of the cables be unplugged for several minutes before functioning properly again. Is there anything that I can do to correct this recurring issue? I would appreciate any advice.
  • I have the same issue but my monitor is always plugged into a computer. Every time the system puts the monitor to sleep I get the "Signal out of Range" error when I wake it up. To get around it I have to switch the input using the first button to cycle back to DVI-D or if that fails, restarting the computer always works. It is annoying. This is my second monitor (the first had a problem with the power button sticking) and the first one did not do this as much as this one does but it still gave the out of range error occasionally. I will be monitoring this thread for a solution.
  • All,

    * Unplug the monitor power cord
    * Hold the monitor power button in for 5 seconds
    * Power the Console on
    * Power the monitor back on and change to #5 Component

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  • In a word: Nope.

    I know this thread is old but I have one of these monitors and it just started this mess.  

    Chris' solution does not work - at least not for me.  The monitor is connected to an Oppo DV-980H and had no issues at all until today, when it suddenly decided to throw this error message out of the blue.  

    The user manual available online is an abysmal scan of a decent manual (that doesn't cover this problem BTW) as it is a poor scan.  The text is unclear and in many places cut off on the right margin, so entire words are missing.  Honestly, I expected better than that from Dell.

    Anyway, the only thing that I've found that works is,.. NOTHING!  The monitor has apparently decided to become a <profanity>,

    I will continue to attempt what OP stated above - unplug EVERYTHING and leave for 20 minutes or longer, replug & power and hope for the best.  

    Good luck if you're also having this issue.  If you find a way that does work, please post it here.  If you can't get it to work, time to look for a new/different NON-Dell monitor.  :-(

    This <profanity>.  Sorry to be so negative but as I said, my monitor has been working without issue with all but the VGA connectors attached to something and now out of nowhere I get this unresolvable problem.  Very frustrating and disappointing.  I have gear attached that I MUST see menus for in order to operate.

  • 9 years is a good run for any monitor. Most users would be glad to get that many years out of it. Generally, by unplugging the power cord and pressing the power button in for 10 seconds will "reset" the monitor. The 2407WFP manual text is clear and the right margin is not cut off for me using Google Chrome.