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1907FP Monitor Power Button is stuck


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1907FP Monitor Power Button is stuck

  • The button quit working today and I cannot turn the monitor on. This monitor was purchased on 12/27/07 and is under warranty. What is the process to get the monitor repaired or replaced?
  • 12/27/07 ? Impossible.
  • :-) You're right. It was purchased on 12/27/06. Did you have any information for me┬áthat might be helpful?
  • You can either contact ChrisM through this forum or call Dell for direct information. Have your oder number ready.

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  • MamaCash,

    If under warranty, get it replaced. If you have a service tag number associated with your monitor, you may use Chat or Email support to setup the monitor exchange. If you only have an Order number associated with the monitor, you must call in, 1-800-624-9896. They will need the following information -
    20 digit PPID number on back of monitor
    Name, address, phone, email address
    Order number
    Troubleshooting done
  • Good luck with this. I have a 2407WFP I purchased in 02/2007 and my power button got stuck. I've been trying to get my replacement for over a month now, and get the run-around from Dell Customer Service (if you want to call it that). Spoke to a "Manager" last night, that yet again was very clueless and no help. I'm supposed to get a call from a "Corporate Manager" due to me being highly frustrated and getting no where with general customer service. If I don't get a call by tomorrow (12/13), I hate to be the next Dell CS person that picks up the phone. I have so many ref #'s, email's and chat logs I'm going to need a notebook just for them.
  • I put in my support request through e-mail. I got an immediate response and Dell already sent me the replacement monitor. My only obligation is to send the defective monitor back to them at their cost. I have been very pleased with the service from Dell.
  • I had the whole order process also. I called on 11/10.2007, I got my order #, said processed on 11/16/2007. Had a est. ship date of 11/23/2007, and est. arrival date of 11/26/2007 shipped next business day. Even got a call from CS on 11/28/2007 telling me a should of received my monitor, and to email them back if I did. However my order status never changed from saying "In Production", Carrier: Not Shipped, and Tracking #: Not Shipped. So here I am, still no replacement. All CS tells me is the same thing I can read myself on my order status page, which as of right now still says what I wrote above. They can't seem to explain anything as to whats going on, or what happened.
  • That's very strange. I discovered that I had to sign for the package so they would not deliver it unless I was physically present. In your case, it appears that it was never shipped so that must not be the problem. Hopefully, they will soon resolve this issue to your satisfaction. A computer isn't very useful without a monitor.:smileymad: