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Monitor can't wake up from sleep mode


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Monitor can't wake up from sleep mode

  • Hello:
    Newbie here...I have a Dell 17-inch E172FPb flat panel display that I run on a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP. It's just over three years old. Recently we've had trouble regaining an image on the monitor after it goes into sleep mode.
    The monitor's power button remains green, but blinks on and off. You can see an image for a second on the monitor but then the screen goes dark again. The computer seems to be booting up normally. I have to keep pushing the monitor's power button off and on to get a picture. Once I do this, the picture is as clear as blurs, etc.
    I've checked and re-inserted the monitor cables and they seem okay. Could this be a video card issue, or something else?
    Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide.
  • im getting similar issues to u aswell and its really getting to me, i have the 22" inch dell screen When the comp is idle for a few mins the screen goes into standby mode and i cant get it to turn back on even if im pressing the mouse buttons or keyboard buttons it annoys me cause id go get a drink while im playing a game and then when i come back the screen is off and i have to reset the comp to get the screen back
  • can a Dell rep plz help?
  • All,

    Does it blink on/off during the Monitor STFC (Self Test Feature Check)?

    * Turn off the monitor
    * Plug the monitor power cord directly into the wall socket to remove any surge protectors or APCs from the troubleshooting equation
    * Unplug the monitor video cable from the back of the computer
    * Turn on the monitor
    * The floating red/green/blue/white dialog box should appear on screen against a black background. If the issue appears during the STFC, the monitor is defective and should be replaced while under warranty.

    * If you have a service tag number associated with your monitor, you may use Chat or Email support to setup the monitor exchange.

    * If you only have an Order number associated with the monitor, you must call in,

    * They will need the following information -
    20 digit PPID number on back of monitor
    Name, address, phone, email address
    Order number
    Troubleshooting done

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  • Chris:
    The monitor is fine when performing the self-check. The problem must be with the computer. Would you have any other trouble-shooting suggestions?
    Many thanks,
  • torlistay,

    What video card is installed?
  • ChrisM:
    I kept the original order detail from my Dell says it's an integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2IV.
    I ran Dell Diagnostics and checked the light pattern on the back of the computer this a.m. Both did not indicate any problems. The monitor is now blanking out in the middle of work sessions, as well--not just waking up from sleep mode.
    Any help you can provide is much appreciated.
  • Chris, ive installed a fresh copy of windows vista 64bit on another HDD. I now can get out of the Power save mode with a press of a keyboard button or mouse button. I still use windows XP for some programs which arent compatable with Vista 64bit. Is there a reason as to why i can get out of the power save mode using vista but not XP?
  • TracidTrax,

    No idea. You could try putting a PCI video card in that PC and see if the issue continues in XP. Or, just do not use sleep mode.