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Dell E151FP Input or Fuse?


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Dell E151FP Input or Fuse?

  • My school had a bunch of Dell E151FP's that werent working, so I took about 7 of them home, they all suffer the same problem, when plugged into any computer and turned on the power on/off light will be yellow, then flick on green, the screen will appear to turn on, then the light will got back to yellow and the screen will turn off.
    I read around, and many people blame it on having a bad fuse, I was wondering if anyone else had any info on the subject. I was thinking it was more along the lines of having bad inputs, since the screen will appear to be turning on, then turn off. Anyways, I would appreciate any info on the matter, as if I can get these monitors I can sell them $50-$100 a piece.
    (Anyone know where I can get a guide on how to disassemble one of these correctly, and perhaps change a fuse if that is the problem?)
  • I too have this monitor and mine has a black picture and the green light just blinks. If it does have a fuse I would like to know about it too so I could possibly fix it.. Beth
  • I guess no one reads these boards huh???
  • Bruhahn99, MacDaddy05,

    This thread was read 51 times. They just did not have an answer. Dell does not support the end user opening the monitor cover. All we do is replace them while under warranty. Possible help links -

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