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Installing driver for E176FP Monitor


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Installing driver for E176FP Monitor

  • I recently had a power cut which caused my screen to display everything grey, as being
    pink. So i go over to download the drivers, its in a zip file, which is okay,. Download finishes, and whats in the folder? 3 files, that dont do anything, no .exe file just .icm etc. What am i supposed to do with these? I dunno if its my video card that needs sorting out or if i need a new monitor, any ideas on why it doesnt containt the driver?
  • ItsMikeh,

    * Open the Device Manager (Press the Windows key and the Pause-Break key, Click the Hardware tab and the Device Manager button)
    * Click the plus by Monitors
    * Right click the Monitor listed
    * Click Update Driver
    * Click No, not at this time
    * Click Next
    * Click Install from a list or specific location
    * Click Next
    * Click Include this location in the search
    * Click Browse
    * Navigate to where the downloaded files are located
    * Click OK
    * Click Next
    * Click Finish
    * Click Start- Turn Off Computer- Restart
  • Thanks for replying, but it turns out i already have this driver installed, which means it must be my monitor that has been effected.

    Any ideas on what to do next?
  • ItsMikeh,

    * Turn off both your PC and monitor
    * Disconnect the monitor from the PC (both the white DVI and the blue VGA)
    * Turn the monitor on
    * The floating Dell red/green/blue/white dialog box should appear on a black background

    If the issue is not present in the STFC (Self-Test Feature Check), the issue is with either the video card driver or the video card itself. If it is present, the monitor is faulty.
  • Hi, i had the same problem yesterday, but i couldn't find the drive to download. Its not in the displays that can be downloaded for my Dimension 5150. I've already disconected the display from the cumputer, and saw the STFC. is that enough, or should i reinstall the drive? if yes, where can i find it? thank you