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Monitor cycles solid colors in Standby Mode


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Monitor cycles solid colors in Standby Mode

  • When the Burnin Mode is left on, the screen goes dim, then cycles from red to green, to blue, to black, to white.

    There are several ways to access the Burnin option, here are two -

    * Turn the monitor off
    * Hold down the Menu button and the plus button
    * While holding the other two down, press the power button. Wait for the DVI connector graphic to disappear
    * Release all buttons
    * Press the minus button. The Service Menu should appear
    * Scroll down to Burnin Mode using the minus button
    * Press the Menu button to activate that setting
    * Press the minus button to set it to Off (it should be blue when selected)
    * Press the plus button to highlight Exit Menu
    * Press the Menu button

    * Power the monitor off
    * Hold down the exit and menu buttons
    * While holding those two down, press the power button
    * Release all buttons
    * Press menu button
    * Move to Factory Reset and press menu
    * Move to Factory Option and press menu
    * Move to Burn-in, press menu and turn on / off then press menu
    * Exit out to main display

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  • ChrisM, you are a genius!

    I mistakenly left my Dell 2001FP monitor on (with the computer off) over night. Since the following morning, the monitor had been acting strangely, and was unusable.

    I could turn the monitor off. If it was plugged into the wall, it would come on. The power button seemed to do nothing. No matter how many times I hit or held the power button, the monitor would not turn off. No matter what input I was on (DVI, S-Video, Composite, D-Sub), the following would happen: The Selected Input light is on, and the screen alternates between flashing full screen colors red, then green, then blue, then black, then white, then black with the power light changing to amber. Then repeats.

    This pattern was the same whether or not the computer was on and sending video over DVI. If I held Menu for a while, I could get the monitor to go in and out of the lock setting. If I changed the input, the monitor properly displayed the text showing me what input I had selected.

    I tried following your directions to get to th emenu, but that didn't seem to work. Right from the start, I couldn't really turn the monitor off. Holding exit and menu never showed the DVI graphic. But I could get to the menu this way: Unplug monitor, re-plug monitor, hold Menu for 15 seconds to lock the monitor, then hold Menu for 15 seconds to unlock the monitor, then quickly hit Menu again, I can get into the settings menu. From there, I went to Factory Reset, then Factory, and set Burn-in Mode to Off(-), and my desktop came back!


  • Chris M - i did this (second option method) and it appears to be working.  What i don't know/understand is:

    Did the Burnin Mode used to be set to Off and somehow got set to On?  How did it get changed? ( i never even knew you could get a menu like this on the monitor until i did the search, so i know i didn't do it by that method!)  My monitor is now working like it was before it started the whole cycling thru the colors thing.

    What is Burnin Mode and what does it mean to be on?  what does it mean to be off?   Why is there a choice?