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Does Dell price match?


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Does Dell price match?

  • Got my 1907fp 5 days ago.  It is on the web for $15 bucks less today.  Will they credit my invoice if I call customer service?  They do not answer on Sundays. Am I being too cheap???
  • Yes they do! But ive never tried to price match something after a purchase, and they generally wont go below cost as you might expect.
  • I think it has to be a certain amount in order for Dell to price match, and that $ 15.00 does not come to mind as the number to look for.  Someone will correct me, but I think its around $50 or more of a price difference.  However, you can call Dell to find out

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  • I talked to Dell and it has to be at least $50 or more for them to price match.
  • I wouldn't say it is "always yes over $50".  I had to argue long and hard for the $150 off a 2407 that went on sale 2 days after I ordered it.
  • That is true, the price match isn't guaranteed. The sooner you jump on it, the better.
  • Phone conversation did not work...After a nice and soft email chat I got the difference credited to my account ...checked it out on my credit card bill this week and all is well.  I guess you have to be nice and persistent.. Hooray for Dell
  • I was looking at a LED TV that I found at Best Buy for $700 less, and they only offered me $100 off their price. The Dell price was already $200 more than the Best Buy regular price. I advise EVERYONE to look at other sites for their electronics before trying to get a price match from Dell. I'm sure this post will get deleted as Dell does not want any negative publicity----and if you see this Dell, email me with a real price match you cheapskates.

  • Dell doesn't have to price match a retailer.  Why would they?  If a retailer decides not to carry an item any more and gives it a clearance price at less than cost, what is Dell's motivation to match it?  If Best Buy has it for cheaper, buy it from Best Buy and feel lucky for the deal.  Sometimes the customer wins buying direct, sometimes the customer wins buying through a reseller/retailer.

    To Dell's credit, they allow criticism on their forums.  They won't delete it if you are a grownup about it.  Yours seems "ok".  Since Dell does not regularly participate on these forums, they won't see or comment on this - you'd need to contact Dell directly if you need a response from them.

  • I read his post. There is not a Forum violation. The only question I had was why reply to a thread that is 3 months old? Should have started a new thread on the Customer Care board.

    The Dell policy is as follows =
    * Dell does not "price match" to retail store prices
    * We only "price match" when the price on drops within 30 days of your purchase from on select products

  • I bought a monitor from Dell on Nov.2, and they had a 25% off sale starting Nov.11. I asked if they would price match, and the guy I spoke with said "no." So I guess a sale is different from a price dropping.