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How do I rotate my display?


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How do I rotate my display?

  • Hello
    I just bought the Dell 1905fp UltraSharp and I want to rotate my display 90 degrees. How Do I do that?
    I have a Dell Optiplex 240, Win XP and ATI Rage 128 Ultra video Card.
    I tried to go through the display settings, but it didn't offer any rotation option.
    Any ideas?
  • I would check and see if the latest software for your card might support rotation.  If it doesn't, then I think a new card that does support rotation would be needed.
  • I tried but I couldn't find anything. Actually, I didn't know where to look.
  • The video card, and driver will have that setting.  The video card driver icon in the system tray ( Lower right side of the screen, if there) can be clicked on, and there is a settings for rotation.  But, as the other poster suggested, the video card may not have that option.  Try the newer ati driver to see if it does.  If not, get another video card, and download a good newer driver.  Video card you have now is somewhat lacking and old. 

    Just found this site that provides a list of video cards that do have a rotate function, and the ATI 128  is listed, but not the Ultra.  Don't know if that makes a difference or not.  So download a newer driver and after it is installed, click on the icon in the system tray and find the rotation function

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  • It can't be dependent on the video card.  I used to have a Samsung 23.1" LCD, and was able to rotate that (on the same computer).  There was an icon in the system tray that was for the samsung monitor, and I would have to click that and choose 90, 180, 270 degree rotation. 
    There has to be some driver or something this monitor comes with.  The manual and the cd that came with the monitor are useless.
    When I go to the monitor menu (button 3 on the front of the monitor), and got to OSD, that is the only place where I can see an option for portrait or landscape, but it only flips the menu.  The resolution is the same, and is not rotated.
  • Did you try Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Key (in the direction you want to rotate it)?

  • RoadiJeff wrote:
    Did you try Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Key (in the direction you want to rotate it)?

    I'm trying it now, and I am not seeing any results.  :smileysad:
  • did you ever get this resolved?  i have a user with the same issue.  the ctrl\alt\arrow didnt work?
  • Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation.
    I have not been able to resolve this.  CTRL+ALT+Arrows do not seem to work.  Do I need to have a specific program running in order for it to work?  Thanks.
  • I must have been half asleep when I posted that.  I believe that key combination only works with an attached notebook LCD and not every one of them either.

    There should either be a menu setup button on the monitor itself where you can get to such things or in the advanced settings area of the video card properties.  I know some of this has been suggested already.


  • I tried the menu setup on the screen, but it only rotates the menu itself (not the GUI).  I feel my problem will be resolved faster and with less headaches on the forum as opposed to calling india and asking for help.  :smileywink:
  • I recently purchased a new Dell 5150e system which included a 1907fp UltraSharp.  I was able to rotate the display as follows:
    double click on the DISPLAY icon
    click on the SETTINGS tab (far right tab in upper left of screen)
    click on the ADVANCED button
    click on the ROTATION tab
    click on the ROTATE 90 DEGREES LEFT button
    That did it for me, good luck.
  • Okay, so that only works for the menu.  The menu will rotate, but not my screen.  I have tried changing the resolution, and get nothing, I am wondering if it will only work on a dvi input.  I'm not using dvi at the moment.  Other than that, I have no idea, and I'm still not going to call India to ask them!  :smileyhappy: