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Monitor keeps displaying "Genesis Display Perfection"???

  • My monitor (Radeon X300 LCD flatscreen) switches itself on and off constantly, then finally comes up with a screen saying "Genesis Display Perfection", before returning me to my original screen. Does anyone know what is causing this? My windows updates are current, and my drivers appear to be working ok.
    Thanks in advance,
  • This will happen if the screen looses power for a micro-second or two, make sure your power plug is in nice and tight both ends.I had the same problem once and it was the power lead.
  • I am having the same issue but the power plug seems to be in perfectly. So annoying that it's doing it all the time.

  • The Fizz,

    For Dell, the Radeon X300 is a desktop video card, not a monitor? Are you saying you have a Dell monitor that says Radeon X300?

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