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cannot display this video mode


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cannot display this video mode

  • i have a dell 17" lcd monitor compaq computer  radeon 9200 video card.Whenever i boot up cannot display this video mode error occurs.Once booting is done every thing is fine.
  • anytime it says that it's because your computer is sending a video resolution that your monitor doesn't support. So whatever it's outputting the video at before windows loads is not supported by that screen (probably too low).
  • I get the same problem. Once i boot up, it says exactly that and now i can't do anything. My video card supports up to 2 monitors so i was thinking if i could switch the analog monitor to the second, i'll be fine, but because everything's blacked out, i dont know how. Will this "blackness" go away if i boot up in safe mode? Ot could i just get an exisiting monitor in my home and hook it up to be my second monitor? from there, i'll be able to change the settings and find out what's going on with the analog monitor. If you have an answer to this, please post.
  • Start up in safe mode and select last good worked for me.good luck
  • Same problem here, although the 19" flat screen E193FP display supports modes 640x480 - 1280x1024
    At boot I always thought the screen ran 640x480 but I guess I'm wrong then since I get the
    error as in subject.
    Any thoughts on how to overcome this ? it's pretty bad not beeing able to get into bios mode simply
    because I can't see it. Running windows 98se ( i know... special needs, sorry :smileysad: )
    video card is a radeon 7500 Series on agp 4x motherboard Solstek SL-65KVB/KV2
    any tips are welcome, thx in advance.
  • Well, i got it back and working a few days ago. If your video card and monitor supports 2 monitors, then follow these instructions.

    1. Retrieve a white-top and end cable which should plug in to the bottom of your monitor and to your video card.Make sure the blue-top and end monitor cable is unplugged.
    2. After plugging the white cable in, you should see that your monitor is working. From there, you can change any settings that caused your ist monitor to black out.
    3. After making the changes, you may want to switch over to your blue cable (the one you had just unplugged to be able to use the white cable) which is monitor 1.
    If you still get that black screen, you may want to use the white one instead and contact support.
    (The white cable should come with your order of a Dell computer. You only need one monitor and a white cable to do this. I'll find a pic of a white cable if you dont no what it is...Nevermind, just Googled and can't find one :( )