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  • Forum Reply: RE: Dell 966 Photo All-In-One Printer owners thread (W7)

    Rick- I uninstalled IE 11, and attempted to fax again, and it still says there is an error. Any other ideas of what I can try? Debbie
  • Forum Thread: Dell V725W disappearing sporadically

    Since I purchased my PC/Printer bundle I have had problems with the printer. It becomes unrecognizable sporadically, such that I have to remove it from the Printers and Devices list, and then reinstall it, in order for the PC to recognize it. It has now stopped printing color, even though I have new...
  • Forum Thread: FAQ Dells Inkjet, All-In-One Printers (Updated 10/30/2014)

    Below are links to all the different inkjet printers that Dell has. Included are how to install the inkjet printers. To install the printers, most will install without any problems. Some printers will have problems installing because of Firewalls, Virus Programs and Security Suites. Sometimes disabling...
  • Forum Reply: Re: 968 fax printer driver

    Hi Rick, I follow your suggestions, but nothing change. I still have the same problems and errors. So far, I did not notice any problems with any other application on my computer but I am worry that the problem may be with the system not the printer driver itself. Jacek
  • Forum Thread: 1815dn FAX TO FILE

    Looking to cut down paper use in the office and would like to know if there is a way to set incoming faxes to print to file?
  • Forum Thread: Dell 3115cn phone line always wakes up from powersave

    Even though I have set the unit to TEL mode (i.e. it should never answer the phone except when I manually tell it to receive a fax), any activity at all on the phone line causes it to wake up from powersave. Even if I just pick up my phone and listen to a dial tone, the printer wakes up. Any way to control...
  • Forum Thread: AIO 968 vista 64 setting up print to fax option

    Hi there, My older Dell printer, which is a 962 had a feature which was finicky to install, which is the AIO Fax "printer" in the printers folder. would like to have the same feature on this new laptop (Dell Studio, 4 GIG Ram, Intel Dual Core. This is a combonation of a new laptop...
  • Forum Thread: How to fax several originals in one transmission

    I'm awaiting delivery on a V715w and reading through the guides. It should do this, but I can't find instructions. Using the scanner glass (without using the ADF) and the control panel, I'd like to be able to load 2 or more original pages and send them all at once. Thank you.
  • Forum Thread: AIO 942 Scanner Cuts Documents Off

    My Dell AIO 942 printer/scanner appears to severly shift the scanned text of documents to the point when the scanned document is printed, the text along the margin is cut off. So a normal typed page with normal margins will be shifted over to the point that the margin on one side of the page disappears...
  • Forum Thread: 2135cn Fax Confirmation how to print?

    How do I activate printing the fax confirmation after each fax? The closest I can find is a fax activity report. What we want to happen is after a fax is sent the printer prints a sheet confirming if the fax was successful or not. Thanks for any help! -Tim
  • Forum Reply: Re: 944 fax

    kdruthe, If you got the 944 printer working, which you did not click verify answer(s) in your other post , then make a system restore point. Start, all programs, accessories, systems tools, system restore. I was told this application is the fax program but I cannot confirm this. You...
  • Forum Thread: Dell 1815 dn - Stop Automatic Printing of Faxes

    We have all of out faxes sent to an email address. It is working perfectly. We are a paperless office and I would like to stop the machine from auto printing every incoming fax since it is already emailed. I have searched the user guide and have been unsuccessful. Does anyone know how to turn this off...
  • Forum Thread: Dell MFP 1815dn only prints horizontal black line when receiving BellSouth Faxmail

    PLEASE HELP - When I am on the phone incoming faxes go to voicemail (service is called Faxmail because they are faxes) and then they can be retrieved/printed when I am off of the phone. The machine only prints a horizontal black line when receiving a fax from BellSouth's Faxmail service. The fax...
  • Forum Reply: Re: 922 AIO printer - Vista Driver Communication SUCCESS

    Try downloading this application, I was told this is the fax program. Let me know. Rick
  • Forum Reply: Re: 968 fax printer driver

    Hi Rick, Thanks for your suggestion and sorry for the delayed response, but I was out of the office for a while. I have done what you described, unfortunately without any success. When I run setup program the CD drive starts to spin for a moment and nothing happen. Additionally I have noticed...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Problems with Dell AIO 968

    jpz, What OS are you using? Model of system its connected to? You may want to try to update the driver / firmware for your printer, but since I don't know which operating system you're currently connected to this link should take you to the main page for the printer to download the latest...
  • Forum Thread: 946 Printer Menu Icons

    I read somewhere that there is a solution extant as regards the menu icons for the 946 All-In-One Printer that used to allow us to fax directly from our computers and that Microsoft apparently took away from Windows Vista users. I already checked with drivers for this and none fix this problem. Please...
  • Forum Thread: retrieving faxes

    I have a dell 946 AIO that says that i have faxes stored in memory. how do i retrieve them?
  • Forum Thread: Problem with scanning & faxing on Dell 2335

    Problem with scanning & faxing on Dell 2335 printer, Everything else seems to work fine, but sometimes when we scan or fax a document, the scanner makes a grinding noise & the scan/fax produces a black page. Sometimes this will fix itself, sometimes it is a matter of moving the lock/unlock button...
  • Forum Thread: 2135cn Fax Issues

    I'm hoping that someone here will be able to help me find a solution to my issue. I'm working with a 2135cn multi-purpose printer/fax/scanner unit. I am having issue getting the fax to work properly. It is connected to a copper POTS line that is shared with the in house phones and answering machine...
  • Forum Thread: Unable to receive faxes when in DRPD Mode on 2335dn Printer

    Hello: I am unable to receive faxes on my 2335dn all-in-one when it is setup in DRPD mode. I can test the lines and I do get a fax tone on the fax line and the regular phone on that line. The fax line rings 3 times goes to receiving, but never puts through a fax. I have reset the DRPD mode and can...
  • Forum Thread: MFP 1600n Fax confirmation

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if there is a way for the fax confirmation sheet to include an image of the first faxed page? I see nothing about this in the documentation. A user of this machine assures me that this has worked in the past but I think he must be mistaken. Thanks!!
  • Forum Thread: 2135Cn fax problems

    Hi, I just got my new Dell 2135CN printer, and I have some problems with the fax. I tried to set I up, but it does not seems like the fax with take the call. Are there anyone out there who have a solution on this problem ?? I made a update of the printer and the fax
  • Forum Reply: Re: 1815DN Phonebook problem

    I've figured out what the permission problem was using the Windows Address Book, and solved it.
  • Forum Thread: Mono Laser MFP 1125

    I use a MFP 1125 with a SCADA system and it prints off a daily report. Is there a way that I can get that report ot automatically fax out to a pre-set fax number once it prints? I have looked long and hard thrugh the user guide.