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  • Forum Thread: Installing Photo All-In-One Printer 922

    I got the printer at a yard sale and it didn't have the disk. I was give a link by Tech Support to do a self install, and I still can't get the printer install on my pc. Any suggestions. Please & Thank You!
  • Forum Thread: DELL B1160W failed to print after installation of new cartridge

    I have just installed a new cartridge into my B1160W printer. Unfortunately, my nightmare started after the installation. The printer only printed 1/4 upper part of a A4-size content, and the rest was a blank T.T Can anybody help me with this issue? I am totally pissed off by this printer :-(
  • Forum Thread: Dell M5200N Printer Driver

    I have a M5200N mono printer. Some time ago I downloaded the nearest thing I could find to a Windows 7 driver for it (Vista version I think). I now see documents talking about a Windows 7 driver for the M5200N but I can't seem to locate a place to easily download it. The problem I want to solve is...
  • Forum Thread: Dell C1660W Custom print size

    Hi, I've had my new Dell c1660w for a few weeks now. Setup and printing is a breeze! I read the manual and saw that there is no default for a 4 in by 6 in print size. However, I do see that the admin can create a custom size through the print driver. I've tried this with no luck. Can anyone...
  • Forum Thread: C1765 printer yellow toner roller makes a clicking noise and the printer won't work

    Hear a loud clicking sound when printing. Replaced the yellow toner and the clicking sound is still loud and the printer won't work. This noise and vibration felt on the new toner only occurs with the yellow toner. What is going on, is the printer going bad. "low density, replace yellow cartridge...
  • Forum Thread: C3765dnf Scan-to-eMail doesn't work

    hello, just can't get Scan-to-eMail (= ste) working. just everything works fine : fax and networkprinter. all fine. but ste doesn't work. i know, that i have to enter the ip-address for smtp-gateway instead typing the name. i surely know email-address an corresponding password, i know the...
  • Forum Thread: Dell V313w Same old problem:Printer will only print one page

    I read all the similar postings just now as I never thought anyone else would have this problem. I saw that most were solved by uninstalling IE11. I thought that would be my solution because I have automatic updating, but then I remembered I uninstalled IE after it kept replacing Mozilla that I use....
  • Forum Reply: RE: Printer power cord

    After a move, it seems I have misplaced the power cord for my Dell 810 printer. Searching online, I came across the following: I'm simply looking for confirmation that this...
  • Forum Thread: Unable to load paper DELL 968W Printer

    My Dell 968W Printer paper tray will only open about 3" so I can not load any paper. Does anyone have a solution?
  • Forum Thread: 1320C Color Laser Printer - Paper Jam Issue (rollers ? - sensor)

    have a dell 1320c (color laser printer). at first the ! was blinking and indicating a "Printer Jam"- error code-071-100. there is no paper anywhere and I suspect a sensor, or roller being the issue. eventually the ! stopped blinking anf now it just shows me a blinking paper tray error. The...
  • Forum Thread: Dell 3100cn Laser Printer

    I have a Dell 3100cn laser printer. I have a small problem and hoping someone can assist? When I print anything in BLACK it's Perfect.. But then I print anything with COLOR and it's smeared, even when I print things black and color, the black perfect, the color smeared.. Any help appreciated...
  • Forum Thread: Laser Printer C1765nfw - default password query

    I am trying to set up the 'Scan to email' function on my new printer. I have gone into the printer setup via my browser and found the screen that I need to update but every time that I click to apply settings, I am asked for a password. As I am the sole user, I did not set a password during...
  • Forum Thread: problem with copying & scanning from my dell photo 966 printer

    Until yesterday all was fine, but since today the scanner or copier don't work anymore. The lamp is moving about 5 cm to the right, goes back, and then the whole system resets. It has the same behaviour when using the copy or scan function from the display, so it is not PC related. Any idea what...
  • Forum Thread: Dell C1765nfw Color Multifunction Printer Paper Jam Error 077-901 Rear Cover

    My C1765nwf has an error code of 077-901. I had been printing on tracing paper using a custom setting and a piece came dislodged from the regular paper that it was double-sided taped to. I got the papers out of the rear of the printer, but the error still shows. I would imagine that there may be a tiny...
  • Forum Thread: 1815dn printer oarts

    Hello, I have a Dell 1815dn mfp, but one of the hinges for the scanner bed has broken. Any ideas where I can find a replacement hinge? Thanks. Steven
  • Forum Thread: Dell V305 will not print correctly

    I have replaced the ink in my printer. I have unplugged the unit and waited. It still will not print or scan correctly. I have aligned the cartridges but it's as if the page is not aligning correctly. The print starts lower on the page which causes it to print on 2 pages and it looks as if the paper...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Color Laser Printer with Available Envelope Tray

    Hello, we're looking to replace our current color laser printer and was wondering which Dell color laser printers today can have a specific tray for envelopes added (in addition to the normal paper tray).
  • Forum Thread: Dell 3000cn printer won't connect to computer after power outage

    My Dell 3000cn printer has given me some trouble after a power outage. First of all, the printer would not turn on. I finally was able to turn it on by unplugging it from the wall, waiting several minutes, replugging it in and flipping the power switch. Now I have another problem that I cannot solve...
  • Forum Thread: I have a dell desktop and a V305 printer . Had computer serviced yesterday. Told I needed to reinstall printer software. Trying to find it on Dell website but this seems impossible to find or do. Where can I get this download from?

    I have a dell desktop and a V305 printer . Had computer serviced yesterday. Told I needed to reinstall printer software. Trying to find it on Dell website but this seems impossible to find or do. Where can I get this download from?
  • Forum Thread: Scanner function on v313 printer

    I have a question about the scanner function on my Dell v313 printer. I just installed this printer on a wireless network with a Dell laptop, and for printing, it works fine. However, the scanner function isn't working, either through pressing the scan button on the printer or trying to go through...
  • Forum Thread: COPY MODE OF 2155 CN PRINTER

    What accounts for the vertical line appearing on all COPIES made with the Dell 2155 cn printer? The line does not appear on regular printed pages, just when I use the printer to make copies. Is there some cleaning that has to be performed?
  • Forum Thread: DELL V515w ....again will not work. Windows did an update today 5.16.2014 now all-in-one printer will not work.

    It seems every time I get updated by windows my dell printer wont work. Is this something I am going to have to live with???? is there some kind of fix I can put in my computer? omg ...I hate the thought of uninstalling -then re-installing ...again takes hours!!!! example go to scan i go to...
  • Forum Thread: Dell 1135n Printer and Internet Explorer

    Hello, We have a Dell 1135n printer, and it will not print web pages from Internet Explorer. We have IE 11 installed on Windows 7 Professional. When you try to print, IE crashes and burns. We tried installing the 1135n specific software, which did not appear to work. Windows 7 operating system found...
  • Forum Thread: 2330dn Printer noise

    I've just started using this as my primary printer and have discovered it makes an annoying beeping noise after finishing a print job. It's really distracting in my work environment. Is there anyway to turn off this sound?
  • Forum Thread: C1765nf messing up printing

    Recently my (very new) colour laser printer has been printing pages really strange, jumbling up lines on the page (it's hard to explain so pictures are below). Any ideas on how to fix this? It's pretty annoying.