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My printer won't print anything in black


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My printer won't print anything in black

  • I recently received my dell system with a free 720 inkjet printer, but it won't print anything in black.  All colors come out fine but no text or graphics are printed in black?  I made sure the tape has been removed and have checked everything possible.  Can anyone tell me why?
  • I'm in the same case. I sent a mail to dell's support but I haven't any answer at the moment. Excuse me for my english.
  • I have exactly the same problem.  The color cartridge seems to work fine, but black does not.  Have you found a fix yet?  I just received my printer today 08/26/04.  HELP!
  • No all I did was call them and it took a while, but they're sending me a new prepared to be on the phone for at least an hour. 
  • Hello! My dell 720 print in black now. I just cleaned the tubes of impression on the toner and the connexions on the printer with a paper hanky. good luck.

  • I'm having the exact problem!!! I even tried wiping the bottom of the cartridge, it did get very slightly better, but it is still extremely poor. What is going on!!! Someone with any knowledge on printers please help!


    I just cleaned the tubes of impression on the toner and the connexions on the printer


    What does this mean please?

  • Dr. Chris,

    Can you be a little more specific about how you fixed your printer.  What are the "tubes of impression" and "connections" that you cleaned?  I am getting very impatient with this printer.

  • Dr. Chris:

    I'd like to know how you cleaned the printer as well, I've tried it all and still nothing.  I'm also getting pretty impatient with the printer.


  • Hello,

    First, I shaked the cartridge. Take care!!!

    I cleaned the cartrigde on two faces: - on the face where the ink arrives - on the face which is in contact with the printer.

    I cleaned the printer on the face which in contact with the cartridge.

    In my mind, this  ink dries quickly. I have had to do these actions again this evening.



  • you're lucky my A920 won't print anything at all.Seems dell's got some answering to do.
  • Answering this particular query doesn't seem to be at the forefront of Dell's business plans at the moment. I've been fobbed off every time I've asked for help in sorting this problem, so presumably customer service isn't, either.

     In light of the numerous occurences of this problem (mine won't print colour, cleaning, etc. hasn't worked) I've decided that Dell's own products are a pile of w*nk and shall be replaced post-haste.

  • Good decision!  I threw mine away (litterally) after many days of messing around with it.  I bought a new HP plugged it in and printed.

    Dell should get out of the printer business.


  • I haven't seen a black character come off my printer since I opened the box on Aug 1st, so I e-mailed Dell's Customer Care Center about this problem and they sent an e-mail back to me the next day stating they will send a new black ink catridge.

    That was 3 weeks ago, still no ink cartridge. So, tonight, I check the status of that order and discover it was cancelled by Dell with no further explanation.

    Anyone else have a similar experience? Anyone else know what Dell is doing about this printer? Please chime in.


    I had this problem with the Black Ink for about a week. I had tried nearly everything, so decided to give the cartridge a good shake, i covered the part where the ink comes out of with a bit of tissue just incase it came out (which it did in the end). I shook it quite aggressively, not expecting it to do much but when i took the tissue off it was covered in ink!

    I inserted the cartridge back into my printer, and printed my first document in black ink! I was quite happy but not extatic because I honestly didn't think it would keep up the good printing, I went to use the printer again 3 days later and it was still printing in black with good quality.

    All the technical solutions I had tried were useless, the cartridge just needed a good shake!!!

    Good Luck