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MFP 1600N Absolutely Useless


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MFP 1600N Absolutely Useless

  • Bought this printer, A laserjet that can Print, Fax, Scan and Copy, with an ethernet port built in. Whoa, perfect.  Now enter real world:

    Ethernet - Supports Printing ONLY, no direct Fax, no Direct Scan, No Direct Copy, just plain old print. 

    USB - Supports Printing and Scanning ONLY - No direct Fax, No Direct Copy. 

    So, if I wanted to fax a word document from my PC, using the 1600N, I would need to print it out, place it in the ADF and then enter the number to fax it to on the Printer Control Panel and send, then throw away my paper copy.

    I am so angry right now, I was sold a bill of goods, I fell for it, shame on me.

    Well, I'm off to buy my original printer, an HP JetDirect 170x Network Printer Hub and an HP Offijet G series MFP.  You can Scan, Fax, Print and Copy via the network connection from every computer. Even has a built in web interface for installing printer drivers on PCs.  So in the end, I'm spending about $1,000 for the printer I really wanted. Thanks Dell, trust me, not again....

    In case someone is hoping on updated drivers from Dell that can do this, HAHAHAAAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH

  • I am one of those people that are hoping for at least a fax driver. It could have and should have been written already. Hopefully, the Lexmark folks will do it, because if DELL developers are of the same caliber as the tech support, I'm barking up the wrong tree.

    It's a good, Ethernet-based printer and that's it. So what if I can scan over the USB to the PC? Big deal.

  • flem1064 wrote:

    It's a good, Ethernet-based printer and that's it. So what if I can scan over the USB to the PC? Big deal.

    Uhm, then why bother spending $400 dollars on this LaserJet if scan over USB is no big deal.  There are LaserJets for lots less. Why bother with a LaserJet that said it could Print, Copy, Fax and Scan with an Ethernet Hub and paid for that, just to learn it's a useless plain old LaserJet that prints.

    For $400, I could do much better laserjet,

    Oh, let me know when Dell releases updated drivers, or better yet, I'll know cause the pigs will be flyin'

  • Dude, you missed the point. I'm as P.Od as you are about the printer.

    I'm saying "It's a good, ethernet-based printer and that's it." I really need to send and receive faxes to and from my PC, and this printer doesn't have the drivers to do it.

  • Yeah I lost it, I'm so upset for falling for a $400 MFP laser that the local Lexmark $29 special could have done.

    Although it doesn't surprise me, I stay way clear of Lexmark printers cause, shall we say, have been found wanting.  When I learned the 1600N is a Lexmark, all the pieces fell into place.

    Sorry for the ruffled response, I misread your original post.  The HP 3030 MFP Laser is looking really good, add the HP 175x external print server and you have FULL MFP from any computer across the network, without having to connect the MFP to a computer.  All via the LAN, that's the MFP I thought I was getting with the 1600N.

  • Looks like about $400 for the 3030 plus $150 for the JetDirect. So for about $550, you get all the multifunction features over the network. I would double-triple check with HP first, though, to make sure ALL the functions are available over the ethernet interface before you spend the money.

    I can't afford this combination after buying this boobie prize. I called tech support about 3 weeks ago, and they were going to let me ship it back, AND pay for the return shipping because I feel I had been duped. But I waited to do it, and now I feel like I'm trapped.

    Good luck with whatever you choose. If you go the HP route, let us know how it's working. I'll let you know if the pigs are flying here at DELL.

  • Boy, am I glad that I read this thread!  We have a couple HP LaserJet 3330 MFP's that are lacking, to say the least.  I was thinking of replacing them with the 1600n's.  I just saved myself a huge headache.  We also have a HP LJ3380 plus USB print server.  It works beautifully and I'd recommend it for someone who has a small office that wants to scan/fax/print from any computer on the network.  Sure, they cost twice as much, but it's definitely worth it.


  • Ah, if you just happen to benefit even one person, it's all well worth it.  Glad we could be of help here in the forums, just a shame this information wasn't available when I was in the market and bought this dud.

    I was looking at the 3330's too, why are they lacking? and yeah, the 3380 is a bit up there.  I may end up getting a used OfficeJet G series, use it for Scan, Fax and this P.O.S. 1600N that Customer Support says "Sorry, there is nothing we can do..." use just as a printer.

    Glad to see the word is getting out on this thing.


    Everyone Join In: "Dude, you're getting a Dell Printer, and getting ripped off"

  • After two weeks of talks with Dell customer support, they have graciously bestowed upon me, the privilege of returning this POC for a refund.

    For the others out there, you have 21 days from the delivery date to return this thing, otherwise, you have two weeks of arguing with Dell to look forward to if you want to return this lame duck.

    To those absolutely stuck, I feel your pain, and to those who continue to buy this thing, I say, try the Kool Aid, I hear it's delicious.

  • The HP 3330 isn't so bad by itself. However, when you combine it with a print server(using a HP JetDirect 170x) you will run into many problems. Once a week I have to power-cycle the print server and more than once I've had to do a cold reset of the print server and reconfigure it completely. Like I said, the 3330 isn't too bad, but I wouldn't use it as a workgroup MFP, just a standalone connected to one PC. I haven't had any problems out of the 3380.