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A940 Ink Cartridge Reload/Inserting How?

  • Help! How do I insert a new Dell ink cartridge without damaging the printer? Cannot find any detail instructions. Thank you in advance. Glen Seth
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    How Do I Replace the Ink Cartridges for My Dellâ„¢ A940 All-In-One Printer?


  • I, too, have problems with installing new ink cartridges on my A940.  When lifting the scanner bed to get to the cartridges, they do not move automatically as they are supposed to.  They do not move even if I tell the printer that I want to change the cartridges, using the LCD screen on the printer.  On my first replacement cartridge install, a Dell rep said that if they don't move on their own that it was okay if I moved the cartridges by hand while the printer was off.  I did this, and all of my printouts were fine afterward.  Another problem was encountered, however.  Since the printer didn't understand that I had installed new cartridges, I was not given the option to "reset" the cartridges.  The printer thought the black cartridge is still empty, and keeps prompting me to buy more ink!  Now it's time for another new cartridge.  How can I get my printer to recognize that I want to install new cartridges?  Would reinstalling the printer help?  This is the only problem I have ever had with the printer, and have been very happy with its performance otherwise.  This has been driving me crazy, though!!  Any suggestion (besides getting rid of the printer, or taking a sledgehammer to it) would be appreciated!