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dell windows 8 laptop/ dell windows 7 desktop/ hp printer incompatible driver issues


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dell windows 8 laptop/ dell windows 7 desktop/ hp printer incompatible driver issues

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have a hp officejet 8500a plus all in one printer connected wireless to network.  ive always had several devices...desktop, laptops, and even my android phone connected to network and printer, all able to print preferfectly.  


recently purchased a dell xps windows 8 ultrabook. after connecting to network printer and trying to print, the issues started immedetialy and no longer able to print from any device.  


already attempted several different fixes from my desktop including (itcrowd turn off and on ) deleting all print drivers, hp software, reboots, reloading and updates with no success,  then hrs  on phone 2 different days with hp tec support with no success and only suggestion call dell.  another day and hrs on phone with dell.  issue still not fixed


tried again myself.  what discovered so far...desktop is dell windows 7, laoptop dell windows 8.  if i delete printer drivers/software from both PCs, reboot everything (printer, router, modem, computer) and reinstall on desktop w windows 7, printer works fine on desktop, so then install printer software on laptop windows 8 and no more working printer...error message on laptop, driver conflict message on desktop.    go thru whole delete, reboot on everything and this time reinstall on laptop first...printer works on laptop only, so now also reinstall on desktop and again unfunctioning printing.  as a side note, had a lenova windows 8 ultrabook and no issues with printer desktop compatibility. so dont think it is completly a windows 7/8 issue


tried to convince both hp and dell support there is an obvious compatibility issue with drivers on dell windows 8 laptop and dell windows 7 desktop but no one can fix.   please help!!!!  have huge med exams and need all systems working properly asap


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  • kmwhtt,


    Let's start simple.


    Run Delete Print Jobs on the Dell Windows 8 computer, then restart your computer.


    Make sure the printer is NOT usb cable connected.


    Hit the Windows key and the x keys at the same time, programs and features, your printer, uninstall.


    Restart your computer. Make sure the printer is removed. Manual Printer Driver Removal



    The procedure above the lines, removed the printer and gives a clean start with installation.


    HP's website has 3 different models of this printer.

    Click on the proper link, when it asks to select the operating system, you can try the Windows 8 (probably 64-bit) drivers. They may or may not work. If they don't work, run the procedure above the lines, the select Vista 64-bit drivers for Windows 8 64-bit or Vista 32-bit drivers for Windows 8 32-bit.


    Install the drivers in the Vista SP2 Compatibility mode


    Since this is a network printer(probably wireless) select additional computer, network and folow the instructions.


    Remember virus programs and firewalls will block communications. If no virus program was installed, then Windows Defender is the default virus program. Try reading...


    Allow Printer past Microsoft Essentials/Windows Defender








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