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Dell 5100cn Laser Printer and Windows 8


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Dell 5100cn Laser Printer and Windows 8

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So I see this printer is NOT SUPPORTED on the list for Windows 8. Is there an alternative to possibly installing the driver in compatibility mode. I have seen this suggested for other printers, however the Dell 5100cn doesnt have an EXE install.

If i cannot use this printer, i have effectively a 65 pound office paper weight.


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  • Dell 5100cn, Office 2013 64-bit on Windows 8.

    Had the same problem, every office application crashed when selecting 5100cn, other applications worked fine.

    I installed the 5130cdn PCL6 driver in Windows 8, works like a charm with office.

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  • Hi raewilliams,

    Dell 5100cn Laser Printer is compatible with Windows 8 operating system.Please check this from the link below.

    Please update the Dell 5100cn Laser Printer Windows 7 driver from the link given below on Windows 8 operating system and check for issue resolution.

    If the installation does not proceed you will have to install driver in compatibility mode.

    Download the ‘DELL_LASER-PRINTER-5100CN_A05_R238986.exe’ from the link above and double click on the file and extract it on the desktop in a folder. Look for setup file in the extracted folder. Right click ‘.exe’ file and click ‘Properties’. Click “install in compatibility mode’. Click on Application and select ‘Troubleshoot Compatibility’. Next, click on ‘Troubleshoot Program’. Click on Program worked in earlier versions of Windows. Click on ‘Windows 7’.Click on ‘Start the Program’. Do not hit ‘Next’ until the installation completes. Once the installation completes, click on ‘Next’.

    Please let me know if this helps.

  • Hi Ravi Chandra,

    Can you please comment on the link below about Dell 5100cn not being supported by windows 8?

    Our issue is that when installed, Microsoft Office applications keep crashing when trying to print to this printer and Remote Desktop crashes as well when this printer is added from the print server.

  • Hi myc0p,

    Dell 5100cn printer is listed as not supported, some or all of the printer functionality may still work within Windows 8 or Windows RT. Dell 5100cn printer is in compatible list of Microsoft for the Windows 8 operating system. Dell has officially not released any specific drivers for the Dell 5100cn printer. Microsoft will provide native drivers for the printer to work.

    Please uninstall the drivers through the device manager and run the ‘Update driver software’ for issue resolution.

    Please reply for any queries.

  • Hi Ravi Chandra,

    Thank you for your quick reply!

    We have a Windows Server 2008 R2 that we are using as a print server.  I have installed the latest version of Dell A05 PCL6 32/64bit drivers however every time somebody tries to select that printer from Microsoft Office, application crashes.  The only current workaround that I have figured out was to use PS drivers that came from Dell 5110 printer.

  • Hi MYC0P,

    I’d advise you to disable the add in of the printer in Office application and check for issue resolution.

  • That file have not setup file in any folders.

  • I am having exactly the same issue, but with a twist -- Office 2010 on Windows 8 (both 64-bit) worked fine.  I upgraded to Office 2013 (64-bit), and now I'm seeing what you describe.  If the 5100cn is the default printer, the Office app (doesn't matter which one) crashes just on selecting Print.  If another is the default, then it crashes when selecting the 5100cn.  I have installed the most recent driver; no change.  However I can print a test page right from the driver.  

    What version of Office are you using?  

    - L.

  • I have the exact same problem.

    Office (and other) applications crashing - the dell driver being the cause according to the event log.

    I briefly got the printer to work and could print some, but quickly got into a lot of trouble when I installed a second instance of the printer. I also tried updating the driver automatically using windows Update, but it got stuck and repeated itself all over, until I removed the all og the 5100 instances.

    Then I tried to reinstall it  again using the driver downloaded from Dell. Now, all I get is a lot of error messages when I try to change the setup parameters.I tried updating the driver from Windows update. Then it fails. reinstalling it from the Dell package also does not work  And when I try printing out a test page, I get an error message stating that the parameters are wrong?

    Funny hting is I have installed the printer on a Samsung S9 and a Dell xps14 and it seems as it works - but they do not run Office 2013 64-bit as I do.

    So when can we expect a compatible driver?

  • I believe that installing office 32 bit on your 64 bit computer may solve the problem. It is not necessary to install 64 bit office on a 64 bit computer.

  • I am having a similar issue on Windows Server 2012. I can get it to install on 64 bit Windows 8, but not 64 bit Windows Server 2012. If I use the "add printer" wizard, it says, "remote procedure call failed." If I install using the Dell exe install, it succeeds (so the application says), but no printer is ever added.

  • Magic.  That did the trick.  64-bit Office crashes the printer driver, and dropping back to 32-bit works fine.  Thanks so much!


  • Thats great that 32bit works, but for companies with a ton of users already on 64bit this is by no means a solution..

    So what to do for the rest of us still on 64bit office?

  • Dell 5100cn, Office 2013 64-bit on Windows 8.

    Had the same problem, every office application crashed when selecting 5100cn, other applications worked fine.

    I installed the 5130cdn PCL6 driver in Windows 8, works like a charm with office.

  • Thanks a lot. This was a huge help to me. Now I can use this printer again.

  • I tried the same thing using the driver that comes with Windows 8. At first I thought it worked well. But then I tried printing in color.

    Here figures or part of them goes missing, so there is obviously something wrong with the color profile.A lot of whAT IS GREY BECOMES BLACK

    Do you have a good idea as to how to fix this?