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DELL V515W printer.Print-head


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DELL V515W printer.Print-head

  • I have A dell v515w AIO PRINTER.  All of a sudden the printer will only print in black.  Changed cartridges, did the clean heads and align, changed cratridges again.  Took print-head out and it looks fine, but it is obviously the print-head.  Amazon sells one for $59.95, but I have mixed feelings, printers are so cheap, do I buy a new printhead and hope that is the problem, or just buy a new printer,?


  • fred4838,


    Start, control panel, printers, your printer, printer preferences.


    Look there to make sure the printer is set to use all avliable ink.


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    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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  • Had a similar problem. Got an error message telling me to clean print head. After cleaning print head V515W spews red ink across page. Printer was 1 (one) day past the one year warranty. Will probably just buy a new one but if it is a DELL will definately get an extended warranty. Every other brand of printer I have owned, Epsons and Lexmark, have lasted for years.

  • Well guess what< just for the hell of it, I plugged it back in, and now it is printing great!  Don't ask my why or how, it just started!  But as long as it keeps going, who am I to complain.  Thanks for answering.

    Fred J.