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Help Getting Scan to Email and Scan to PC working on Dell 1355cn/1355cnw


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Help Getting Scan to Email and Scan to PC working on Dell 1355cn/1355cnw

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I have a Dell 1355cnw MFP that I'm trying to get to scan to email and scan to PC.

The printer is hooked up wireless to my WiFi network at home and prints wireless fine.

2 things I'm trying accomplish:

  • Scan to a gmail account. 
  • Scan to PC on my network. 

Can someone please walk me through the settings?  Please help!

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  • I'm having problems detecting the scanner.  The printer is connected via the network and prints fine.  Anyone out there with answers?

  • You will need to setup the SMTP / POP3 server settings.  You may do this by logging into the printer settings via your web browser (enter your printer's IP address in your web browser).  Default username is "admin" and the password is blank (null).  From there you will go to "Print Server Settings" & then "Email Alert".  Once you have established the correct email settings you should be able to scan documents & email them.  As for the scanning to a  PC on the network, I have yet to figure that one out (mine is also connected to via wifi).

  • This thread may be helpful....

  • I have now been trying to make my scan to email work for over 8 hours, and that's just today. It doesn't count the endless previous times I have tried. It has included a call to Dell Support who astoundingly take the view of "not their problem". In particular I have been trying the above and I am ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT I HAVE ENTERED THE POP AND SMTP DETAILS CORRECTLY as they are both working perfectly from my PC which is connected wirelssly just the same as the printer.


  • Hello, I am having the same problem. Has anyone been able to figure this out??



  • I can relate to all of the frustration with getting this printer to scan to email.  I have yet to get it to scan to my computer.

    I used the Printer Configuration Web Tool to configure the printer.  (You need to know the IP address of your printer.)  Enter the IP address of your printer into your browser.  It will bring up the Printer Configuration Web Tool.  Select Email Alert from the left side.   For Gmail, enter the following:

    Primary SMTP Gateway:

    SMTP Port Number: 25

    Email Send Authentication: *invalid

    SMTP Login User: <your gmail email address, i.e.>

    SMTP Login Password: <your password>

    Re-enter SMTP Login Password: <your password>

    Pop3 Server Address:

    Pop User Name: <your gmail email address, i.e.>

    Pop User Password: <your password>

    Re-enter Pop User Password: <your password>

    Reply Address: <your gmail email address, i.e.>

  • Hi guys,

    I have just gotten my brand new Dell 1355cnw to scan to my desktop computer.  It made a beautiful 3-page PDF out of the 3 pages I just ran through the auto-sheet feeder, and deposited it in the directory I configured on my PC.  I originally came to this forum because I thought it odd there was no scanner app included in the software I installed from the Dell DVD.  Here is how :

    My Dell printer is a 1355 cnw set up wirelessly.

    I scanned to my PC using SMB shares (FTP is the other alternative).

    I am using Windows 8 (but this procedure will work on any Windows version)

    1).  First, create (or use an existing) user on Windows.  This user will be used by the printer to send documents to your PC's folder.

    - Go to Control Panel - User Accounts - Manage Accounts - Add a new user (or just use an existing user)

    - Ensure the user has a password, that is required.  I used username "Dell" and password "dell"

    2).  Create and Share your target directory on your PC

    - In Windows Explorer, pick or create any folder you want to use, and then go into Properties - Sharing.

    - Click Advanced Sharing, Share This Folder, and give your folder a name such as "ScannedImages" (I never use spaces in share names), then OK

    - Click on the Share button, and ensure the user you used from Step 1 is listed.  Click the drop-down arrow, select the user name, click Add, choose Read/Write, and the click Share.

    - When you get back to the folder properties page, go to the General tab, and ensure "Read Only" is NOT selected (click to unselect if it is).

    3).  Open your browser, and put in your printer's IP address.  That brings up the Web Config pages.

    - Click Address Book - Server Address tab

    - Click Create, and fill in the form.  Name it anything, this will appear on the Dell printer's little screen.  I chose to call it simply "Desktop".

    - Put in the IP address of your desktop, the share name you chose in step 2, and leave the Server Path field blank.  Port number is 139, and the user and password are what you created in step 1.

    - Click Apply New Settings.

    4).  You are done with setup!  Now go to your printer, place a page in the auto-sheet loader to scan, and hit the Scan button.  When the options come up, select Scan - Scan to Network - Scan To... - Computer Network.  When you hit this last option, you will see whatever you chose in step 3 above ("Desktop" in my example).

    - Hit start, watch your sheets feed into the scanner, and run over to your shared directory to see a beautiful PDF show up!  (or whatever file format you chose).

    Once the setup is done once, you don't have to do any of this again.  Works like a charm.  Hope this helps,


  • Thank you for your help. It has got me one step closer, but not all the way. The printer now sends me notifications, such as for example low toner warnings. When I go to scan I no longer get any warning messages on the printer, however neither does the email ever arrive in my InBox. I've looked in my spam folder, it isn't there either. Any further suggestions gratefully accepted.

  • Ah, I haven't actually tried to email myself a scanned image yet.  What the above will do is drop the scanned image into a shared folder on a PC.  However, it would be quite useful to have it mail me so that I could just forward it on instead of having to attach it to a mail message.  I'll get it working here if I can, and post how I did it.


  • I wa actually trying the post just above yours from from Pat1966. If you manage to combine his knowledge with yours and come up with a solution, that would be fantastic.
  • My post from above are the settings I have for being able to email scanned images to myself.  

    To actually make it work, I also made sure I had created an entry in the printer address book.  This entry contained my email address.

    So to scan to email, I have to perform the following steps on the printer.  

    1. Press any key on the printer to "wake it up".

    2. Press Scan

    3. Select Scan to Email.

    4. Select Email To using the right arrow.

    5. Arrow down to Address Book and press the check mark

    6. Scroll thru your address book until you find the correct entry.  Press the right arrow, not the check mark.  The word To should appear by the address book entry you wish to email to.  Repeat step 6 to select multiple recipients.

    7. Press Start.

  • I did all that, and as there was no error message I assumed it had worked OK. But nothing ever arrived in my Inbox. I am guessing I configured it correctly as notifications about Low Toner and that kind of thing are now arriving in my Inbox, but nothing comes when I do a scan.

  • worked perfectly! thanks!

  • I followed steps 1 and 2 but when I got to step 3 and clicked on the Address Book it is asking for- A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Dell 1355cnw Color MFP"  I have no idea what it is or where to find it.  Any suggestions?

  • Hi,

    Read my reply from Dec 7, 2012.  You need to set up an account on your Windows machine the printer can use to log in to in order to access the share.