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DELL 1135n Error #02-000 turn off then on


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DELL 1135n Error #02-000 turn off then on

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Printer worked fine for 6+ months, then one day went to print and received this error. Turning off then on did nothing. Tried a couple fresh installs, nothing again. Confused. Any ideas how to fix?


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  • Hi knight3084... That must me a printer's system error. Unfortunately there is no known fix for that yet. You printer should have at least a year warranty. Please do call Dell support to get a replacement unit.

  • Thats great... What if you have had the printer for longer than a year? I would like to know if Dell plans to stand by their product.

  • That particular error is a fuser failure. Dell will stand by the product for a mximum of 5 years depending on how much warranty you purchase.

  • Will this part fix my problem?

  • One user that is having the same error quoted:

    "I have had the same problem. Changing the fuser is easy (about $85, and must be ordered through Dell) remove the 4 screws from the back, and you'll see the fuser. 2 screws, and 2 wires, and it slides right out." 

    Hope this helps.