V515W printer prints black and gray squares on document


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V515W printer prints black and gray squares on document

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The roughly 1/2" blocks in varying shades of black and gray appear randomly across the printed document.  What causes them and how do I get rid of them?  I printed about a dozen pages today, and all of them had the squares in different positions. The first page I printed had the most, and last pages had only one or two.

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  • I'm having the same problem!  I haven't even attempted to fix it yet ... don't know where to start.  Have you had any luck yet?

  • Same problem here. The grey blocks magically disappeared for a couple of days, but now they are back worse than ever. I can't even read what is supposed to be on the printed page. HELP!!!

  • i have the same problem too with a v510. must i send it to repair or it´s software problem?

  • This won't help but I have the exact same problem with a V313w. I have posted a question but no answers yet.

  • I had the same problem with a Dell V313w printer.  I called  1 800 624 9896  (Dell Support) and they ran me through a process of cleaning the printer head. It didn't wortk so they are sending me a replacement head. I suggest you do the same thing.  I would suggest the same solution to anyone with the black square plague.

  • Have the exact same problem.  Did everything to try and fix...aligned, changed cartridges, etc....nothing worked.

  • I called Dell and they sent me a new print head at no charge.  It fixed the problem!

  • Hi,

    Since a few day the Dell V515W prints gray squares on the paper.

    I use WIndows XP. Firmware has been update. Printhead has been cleaned. Catridges have been replaced.

    Nothing works.

    Dell, please help. I notice this is a problem, reported in 2011 without replies from Dell ...

    Best regards,


    Since a few days 

  • I have had the same problem repeatedly with my V313w.  Unfortunately since the printer is now 18 months old it is out of warranty and they won't replace the printhead again.  They won't sell me a replacement print head either.  My only option is to buy a new printer.  Just bought over $100 of ink cartridges too. 

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    I'm in the same boat - lots of cartridges and a phucked up printer - Dell sure turned a looser loose on the unsuspecting public this time...  Dell took my order for a new printhead at a cost of $112 then called the next day to tell me that the part was not available.  Not Happy.....

  • Ordered a replacment ink jet print head from LEXMARK (about $30) and installed it - Problem Solved...