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Printer problem - offline


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Printer problem - offline

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I have an Inspiron 1525 running VISTA (32 Bit) - I have installed a Dell Printer AIO A920 using the drivers for the Vista operating system.  When I go to print to something on this document, it does not print but shows in the printer's spool that the printer is Offline.  I have tried everything to change this printer to Online or Ready but without success.  Are there some settings in Vista that I might have set incorrectly that have caused this "offline" status to occur???

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Repost this printer problem in the Peripherals section (the section for printer problems).

    One note, when you install a device such as a printer, you FIRST run the install program and ONLY physically connect the unit when the install program tells you.  If you connect it first, the install can fail or Windows can install incorrect drivers.

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  • I have installed the printer correctly on at least three or four different occassions.  I uninstalled the printer software each time and reinstalled the drivers from Dell website for the Vista operating system.  I did as you suggested that the printer was not connected to my laptop during the install until the program said to.  When I try to use this printer it is "OFFLINE" and I can not seem to find anywhere to change this setting or what is causing this to occur.  I have gone to printer properties for this printer and changed the setting to "Online" but the printer continues to be "Offline".  Anyother thoughts or suggestions???  Thanks