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H6702 installation instructions for 5100cn Printer


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H6702 installation instructions for 5100cn Printer

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We have a 5100cn printer that appears to need a new Developer Assy and I need instructions on installation if available. Color print fades after a few pages.

I purchased the H6702 from Dell parts and plan on installing in the next couple of days while everyone else is digging out of the snow.StormBig Smile


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  • I have the same problem, did you manage to get hold of the installation instructions yet?

  • No instructions were found or sent. We proceeded to dismantle pulling from top down and suceeded. Focus on the right side which is the location of the part. you have to gain access through tthe front first though and pull the imaging drum. next remove top cover and secondary top cover that has approx. 5 screws. The the side cover which has a couple of fasteners as well and you will see the unit. Easy to do in 15-20min. You can source part direst or from Impact Computers and Electronics for deep discount.


  • Thank you for your kind reply.

    I should be able to do this.

    Ragars, Jan