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2330dn Error


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2330dn Error

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Have (12) 2330dn printers and often get a message as follows: "replace missing or defective toner" on different printers. We are using geniune Dell toners and photo conductors. We can open cover and remove toner and put it back in and the message clears for awhile. Sometimes you have to seperate the toner and PC, snap them back together, put it back in printer and then the error goes away. The toner level and PC life are both good.

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  • I'd like to add that we're experiencing the same issue. We have 4 in the office...3 are experiencing the same trouble, 1 is not. The one that isn't is using a regular capacity toner cartridge, the 3 that are have the high capacity cartridges. My theory is that it's not a coincidence.

  • Also having the same issue here. Seems like a trend with this model.

  • Are you using the high capacity cartridges when you get the error, or am I going down the wrong path here?

  • To be honest, I didn't pay attention to what cartridge it was. Just that it's a genuine Dell cartridge. Anyway, I just ended a chat session with a Dell tech and they sent me this link for a firmware update (via usb):




  • Just checked and yes we are using the High Capacity cartridge.

  • I have a strong feeling the HC cartridge has something to do with it. Can you post back if the firmware update worked for you?

  • Will do. But I'll report back around Friday since the error we get is intermittent. If we get the error again, we should get it by then. Also, I read the instructions for the firmware update more. The update can be installed using the printer's web interface and the firmware specifically addresses the cartridge 31.xx error.

  • Sorry for the delay. Still having the issue after installing the firmware :(

  • I am having the same error on a 2330dn.  We only use Dell toner, but we are also using the high yield cartridges.  Has anyone else found a solution yet?  We have to open and shut the front of the printer and the 31.xx error goes away until the next print job.

  • Hello again...I guess my first assumption was wrong. We ordered standard capacity cartridges and are still having the same issue.

  • These 2330dn were my company's first Dell printers we purchased...and now the last. Dell hasn't even updated the firmware since 8/2010 and the problem still exists.

  • I have 8 of these in our office that randomly produce this error. We are changed out the drums and toners with the same results. Patiently waiting for a manufacturer to produce an aftermarket cartridge to try.

  • I hears these are actually made by Lexmark. Will check on Lexmark models that look the same and try a Lexmark cartridge on it.
  • Are they Lexmark or Xerox ? I have heard some of the other Dell's are actually Xerox.

  • Actually, possibly both. I think Xerox bought parts of Lexmark a few years back.