Problems adding x32 driver on server 2008 R2


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Problems adding x32 driver on server 2008 R2

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Hey everyone

I'm upgrading our current printserver from server 2003 x32 to a server 2008 R2 x64 bits OS.

In this process we are adding all the drivers and printers manually, and when I'm trying to add the 1700-series (1700, 1710 and 1720) we can add the 64-bit driver without any problems, but when it comes to the x32 bit driver, I get an error message, first about it not being the correct driver for the current processor architecthure (this with the windows 7 x32 driver)

When trying with the Windows 2008 R2 x32 driver I get a request for the file NTprint.inf

This is not added by the driver itself, and is not contained in the file.


Any suggestions where to get a hold of this file, or where it might be downloaded? I assume its modeldependant.

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