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Dell Photo AIO 928 USB current error


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Dell Photo AIO 928 USB current error

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hi. My friend has the following error pop up whenever they turn on their printer:

The printer is a Dell photo AIO 928 that they got with their dell pc (Both bought 18 months ago).

The dell pc is running windows vista.

They called customer support when it was still in warranty and could not understand the Indian help desk person. The help desk assistance told them not to use the printer as it could damage the "hard drive".

I find this difficult to understand - I guess the help desk person may have thought it was a "current" from the main power supply that was being reported?

Anyhow, I have just been round to my friends and seen this error for myself. The printer still seems to print ok, but the message pops up every few seconds which is not very convenient.

I have tried searching google for the "USB current error" message and not found anything. I guess it must be a custom Dell error string.

I have also tried updating the printer driver and using another usb printer cable that I know works.


Has anyone got a solution for this? Thanks, pete

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