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Dell 2135cn Black prints light gray


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Dell 2135cn Black prints light gray

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 My printer is currently printing the black in a light gray. I'ver done all the toner refresh, drum refresh, changed cartridges and no luck. This happened about

2 months ago also, just hit the drum refresh and all was well unitl now. Now, that doesn't correct the problem. Any help? Thanks


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  • I have had the exact same experience.  Dell support was of no help, big surprise.  Last year the printer went grey then after a month pr so converted back to printing Black.  It seems to have a mind of it's own.  I have reset everything, replaced the Black toner too.  It prints all the other color with full saturation. 

    Is the a Dell tech monitoring that has the fix for this annoying problem?

  • I was having the same issue. Found this: "the fix was to go into setup, admin, maintenance, non-Dell toner - make sure this is showing "On""

    I use non-Dell toner (because it's a third of the Dell price), and this worked for me.

  • I am Having same Problem.. But i am using Original dell toner. SO what  can i do ?

    Also i tried this setup option. Still not fixed.

    Please anybody have solution. ?

    Thanks In Advance